Video Gallery

Here you’ll find videos of MK1s for your viewing pleasure. E-mail me links to others if you’d like to see them added.

MK1 on a run through the Pyrénées


This footage reminds of a ’60s horror movie….. it’s the clocks being so still & the silence.

Deep Purple…… Burn baby!

Building On A Heritage – 1992 Triumph Promotional Video

Triumph Motorcycles History Timeline

Some bloke flogging his I guess from this vid, MENTALIST!

Fruity Meccatwin megaphones.

Open pipes and pods, Naughty!

Another sales pitch, man it’s cheesy!

Not sure this one is being looked after but you can’t beat the 3-1 sound but I’m bias.

Another sales pitch but a tidy one.


Sounds great, it’s obvious to me why the original cans are hard to come by.