So here it is, a place on the site dedicated to listing all the cool stuff out there you can spend your hard earned scratch on. It will be a list of cool bits, or bespoke services that help your MK1 Speed Triple fixation become all the more tangible. Things to list here are a bit thin on the ground right now but over time I expect this to grow enough to be worth its own page.

Oh, just be be clear when I titled this page I was referring to “a bag of swag”, you know the stereotype of the masked thief with his bag of swag over is shoulder, not what swag seems to have evolved to mean. DON’T CLICK HERE IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED, I’m not and even though the humor lacks finesse I found myself with a wry smile.

As always, we couldn’t function without readers feedback, if you know of something suitable for this page then let us know.

These links are not about us making a fast buck, we take no commission from the sellers at all. All that we as the site owners have done is vouch that the goods or services have been agreeable to us. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the products as much as we have.

The T-Shirts are Dead, Long live the T-Shirts!!

We were dropped by our last suppliers so we found another courtesy of MK1STOC member a general good egg Sir Brian of house Park. Brian worked with suppliers to find someone willing to produce these shirts for us. Better than that, they will lob the design onto almost anything you fancy, hoodies, a range of t-shirts, bum bags… whatever is in their catalogue.

When ordering just contact Dean @ Thomas Dean Design and mention “Mk1 Speed Triple Owners Club” along with your requirements (colour, size, quantity).

Happy Shopping!

T-Shirts 2: The Return of The T-shirts! NO LONGER AVAILABLE

We had a new T-Shirt design over at the htoc lads webshop. I think they’ve pulled it though. Last lad who tried to order one setup our replacement supplier. Good Lad!


That’s right, T-SHIRTS! We have Mot to thank for this. He did the research and bought the crappy prototypes. Now we are cutting out the middle man here, the middle man being us! 🙂 We have a guy that has our logo on his books and he can whack it on almost anything. browse through his catalogue then give Paul a tinkle on 01424 851204 or email info@tshirtembroidery.com to place your order.

Hinkley Triumphs: The First Generation

Fancy a good read? Then grab yourself one of these bad boys. Dave Clarke can even sort you out a signed and dedicated copy for no extra charge but they are only available from him directly. To grab one get in touch with us through the contacts page and we’ll send you his e-mail.

The book details the firms early offerings. It’s a comprehensive resource bound to be of interest of current owners and prospective buyers too. Its £25.