Spotting A Fake MK1 Speed Triple

An article requested by the community, who would have thought anyone gave a monkeys about these old biffas! I guess more people care than anyone would have thought.

Old Mottley gave up his time to knock this page up… all credits to Mr Mk1 and over to you old chap.

Well we thought this may be a useful addition to our pool of knowledge, those of you that are in the know will spot a fake a mile off, but these bikes seem to be spawned to catch the new to MK1 ownership punter. OK were not talking massive money here but trying to shift a bitsa for 2.5K when it’s probably only worth 6-800 quid may still sting a bit to the unsuspecting owner!!!


As is in the sales blurb, a Speed triple was basically a de-faired Daytona 900 with a single head light and the easiest way to Speed Triple up an old T3 is to do exactly that, a Black Daytona 900 would need the oil cooler removing, single head light with the black fork leg shroud mounts, radiator covers clocks and idiot lights to make a convincing copy. However the Speed Triples also had a slightly different rake to the yokes than the Daytona and 94/95 bikes were also 5 speed where as the Daytona was 6. Colours were Yellow and Black for 94 and Orange and black for 95/96 but Triumph employees were allowed to choose a different colour so it is possible that a there are a few bikes out there that may confuse and closer examination would be necessary to get to the bottom of it.


Things that tend to be botched are the headlight mounts, aftermarket ones should ring alarm bells. The fully adjustable forks should be in place so check for the preload/rebound tops and the compression adjuster at the bottom, 3 spoke Brembo wheels were fitted to all the 900 Speed Triples apart from the 6 spoke ones for the smaller end of line 750 Speed Triple.

Two good ways to narrow down for sure if what you are getting is a Speed Triple even if it has had a hard life and bits from other T3s have been grafted on is to look behind the headlight and on the front of the headstock there should be a white sticker with various E numbers and stuff but it will also state Speed Triple on it. Another is to take the frame/engine number and contact the factory.


Various other tell tale signs should be black engine not silver, black swing arm not silver, under slung rear brake caliper, seat should have the lugs on either side to accept the seat cowl, clocks should have chrome bezels white dials and the mounting nuts at the rear should be horizontal. Points of note should also be made when viewing as 94/95 bikes had a pull through on the forks above the top yoke of 28mm and 96 bikes had them flush with the top yoke.

If all else fails feel free to ping us a pic here and we’ll do our damnedest to suss the thing out for you 😉


Laced throughout this article are a few shots of basket cases… just check out our Gallery for pictures of the real McCoy for comparison, 9 times out of 10 they are asking more than a low mileage mint MK1 would go for… it’s a low trick to play on someone.

You can clearly see in this one the clocks are wrong and the fork tops are non adjustable…


Oh back to me now… Another thing I noticed was the position of the horns on the fakes, especially if it was a Daytona previously. If a fake they are mounted under the radiator on the side of the bike where in fact there should be a twin horn affair going on under the headlamp. Another tell tale sign is the union jack badge missing from the rear panel, sure sign of a cheap respray!

Now armed with all this knowledge I better get over to the Gallery and see if some fakes slipped through the net!
[Ed. A couple did but we are all sorted now]

Until next time Ladies and Gentlemen