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Engine Type3 Cylinder 12 Valve DOHC
ArrangementTransverse in-Line
Bore x Stroke76mm x 65mm
Compression Ratio10.6:1
Cylinder NumberingLeft to Right
(#3 adjacent to camchain)
Firing Order1-2-3
Max Power98 PS @ 9000rpm (r/min)
96.7 BHP @ 9000rpm (r/min)
Max Torque83.0 Nm @ 6500rpm (r/min)
Overall Length2152 mm
Overall Width690 mm
Overall Height1090 mm
Wheelbase1490 mm
Seat Height790 mm
Dry Weight209 kg
Maximum Payload
(rider + passenger + luggage + accessories)
181 kg

Cylinder Head


Valve Head DiameterInlet
30.0 mm
26 mm
Valve ListInlet
8.9 mm
8.6 mm
Valve Steam DiameterInlet
5.490 mm/5.475 mm (5.47 mm min.)
5.470 mm/5.455 mm (5.45 mm min.)
Valve Guide Bore Diameter5.515 mm/5.500 mm
Valve Stem to Guide ClearanceInlet
0.04 mm/0.01 mm (0.07 mm max.)
0.06 mm/0.03 mm (0.09 mm max.)
Valve Seat Width (in head)1.1 mm/0.9 mm (1.5 mm max.)
Valve Seat Width (Valve)2.5 mm/1.8 mm
Valve Seat Angle45o
Valve Spring 'Load at Length'Inner
15 kg min. @ 24.0 mm
41 kg min. @ 26.5 mm
Valve ClearanceInlet
0.15 mm/0.10 mm
0.20 mm/0.15 mm
Valve Bucket DiameterBlue
27.993 mm/27.983 mm
27.986 mm/27.980 mm
27.979 mm/27.974 mm
Valve Bucket Bore Diameter28.021 mm/28.00 mm
Valve TimingInlet Open
Inlet Closed
21o BTDC (@ 1.0 mm Lift)
50o ABDC (@ 1.0 mm Lift)
Valve TimingExhaust Open
Exhaust Closed
51o BBTDC (@ 1.0 mm Lift)
25o ATDC (@ 1.0 mm Lift)
Camshaft Journal Diameter22.93 mm/22.90 mm
22.936 mm/22.923 mm (Outrigger)
Camshaft Journal Clearance0.12 Max.
Camshaft Journal Bore Diameter23.021 mm/23.000 mm
Camshaft End Flost0.13 mm/0.03 mm (0.2 mm max.)
Camshaft Run-out0.05 mm max.
Camchain Tensioner Spring Free Length73.7 mm

Clutch & Primary Drive


Primary DriveType
Reduction Ratio
1.75 (105/60)
ClutchTypeWet Multi-plate
Number of Friction Plates9
Plate Flatness0.15 mm (0.2 mm)
Friction Plate Thickness (new)3.80 mm - 0 +0.80 mm
Friction Plate Thickness (service limit)3.60 mm
Clutch Shim Clearance0.125 mm/0.075 mm
Clutch Master Cylinder Bore Diameter14.0 mm
Clutch Slave Cylinder Bore Diameter33.6 mm
Clutch FluidDOT 4

Piston & Crankshaft


Cylinder Bore Diameter76.05 mm/76.03 mm Cylinders 1 & 3
76.05 mm/76.04 mm Cylinder 2
Piston Diameter (at 90o to gudgeon pin)75.98 mm/75.96 mm Cylinders 1 & 3
75.98 mm/75.97 mm Cylinder 2
Piston Ring to Groove ClearanceTop
0.06 mm/0.02 mm
0.06 mm/0.02 mm
Piston Ring Groove WidthTop
1.03 mm/1.01 mm
1.03 mm/1.01 mm
2.03 mm/20.1 mm
Piston Ring Eng Cap
(new ring when fitted in bore)
0.20 mm/0.41 mm
0.35 mm/0.56 mm
0.29 mm/0.85 mm
Gudgeon Pin Bore Diameter In Piston19.008 mm/19.002 mm
Gudgeon Pin Diameter19.000 mm/18.995 mm
Connecting Rod Small End Diameter19.034 mm/19.016 mm
Connecting Rod Big End Side Clearance0.3 mm/0.15 mm (0.5 mm max.)
Crankshaft Big End Journal Diameter40.965 mm/40.951 mm
Crankshaft Big End Bearing Clearance0.066 mm/0.036 mm (0.1 mm max.)
Crankshaft Main Journal Diameter37.981 mm/37.965 mm
Crankshaft Main Bearing Clearance0.044 mm/0.020 mm (0.1 mm max.)
Crankshaft End Float0.20 mm/0.05 mm (0.4 mm max)



Type5 Speed Constant Mesh
Gear Ratios1st
2.733 (41/15)
1.947 (37/19)
1.545 (34/22)
1.291 (31/24)
1.154 (30/26)
1.074 (29/27) when fitted.
Gear Selector Fork Thickness5.9 mm/5.8 mm (5.7 mm min.)
Gear Selector Groove Width6.1 mm/6.0 mm (6.25 mm max.)
Gear Selector For to Groove Clearance0.55 max.
Final DriveChain
Chain TypeRegina 136 ORP
20 Link Length321 mm max.
Drive Chain Slack35.0 - 40.0 mm



Lubrication TypePressure Lubrication, Wet Sump
Oil Capacity Including Filter4.00 litres
Semi synthetic 10x/40 oil meeting specification API/SG
Oil Pressure (in main gallery)40.0 ib/in2 min. (@ 80oC Oil Temperature) (@ 5000 rpm)
Oil Pump Rotor Tip Clearance0.15 mm (0.2 max.)
Oil Pump Body Clearance0.22 mm/0.15 mm (0.35 mm max.)
Oil Pump Rotor End Float0.02 mm/0.007 (0.1 mm max.)

Ignition System


Ignition TypeInductive Transistorised
Ignition TimingStatic
Maximum Advance
'F' Mark on Rotor
5o BTDC @ 1000 rpm
26o @ 6500 rpm
Electronic Rev-Limiter9700 rpm
Pick up Coil Air Gap0.8 mm/0.6 mm
Pick up Coil Resistance530 Ohms
Ignition Coil LT Resistance0.6 Ohms
Ignition Coil HT Resistance10.5 kOhms
Spark Plug TypeNGK DPR 8EA-9
Spark Plug Gap0.8 mm - 0.9 mm

Fuel System


Fuel TypeUnleaded, 95 RON (U.S. 89 CLC/AKI)
Fuel Tank Capacity25 Litres
Reserve Capacity5 Litres
Low Level Warning Lamp7 Litres
Fuel TapVacuum Controlled, Auto Shut-off.



TypeMIKUNI BST 36 mm Flat Slide CV
Idle Speed1000 rpm ± 50 rpm

Cooling System


Coolant Mixture50/50 Distilled Water/Anti-Freeze
Freezing Point-35oC
Cooling System Capacity2.8 Liters
Radiator Cap Opening Pressure1.1 Bar
Thermostat Opening Temperature83oC
Cooling Fan Switch On Temperature99oC



Fork SupplierKayaba
Front Fork Travel150 mm
Recommended Fork OilSAE 10
Oil Level (without spring)141 mm (to VIN 29155)
130 mm (from VIN 29156)
Rear Wheel Travel126 mm
Rear Suspension Bearing GreaseMobile Grease HP 222



Front TypeHydraulically actuated 4 piston sliding calipers operating on twin floating discs
Caliper Piston Diameter2 x 33.96 mm & 2 x 20.23 mm
Disc Diameter310.0 mm
Disc Thickness5.0 mm (4.5 mm min.)
Master Cylinder15.8 mm diameter Adjustable Level
FluidDOT 4
Rear TypeHydraulically Actuated Two Piston Sliding Caliper Operating on Single Rigid Rear Disc
Caliper Piston Diameter2 x 27.0 mm
Disc Diameter255.0 mm
Disc Thickness6.0 mm (5.0 mm min.)
Disc Run-out Max0.1 mm (0.3 mm max.)
Master Cylinder14.0 mm diameter Reservoir
FluidDOT 4

Wheels & Tyres


Front Wheel Rim Axial Run-out0.5 mm
Front Wheel Rim Radial Run-out0.8 mm
Front Tyres120/70 ZR17
Front Tyre Pressure (cold)2.5 kg/cm2
36 psi
Front Tyre Tread Depth min.2.0 mm
Rear Wheel Rim Axial Run-out0.5 mm
Rear Wheel Rim Radial Run-out0.8 mm
Rear Tyres180/55 ZR17
Rear Tyre Pressure (cold)2.9 kg/cm2
41 psi
Rear Tyre Tread Depth min.2.0 mm - up to 80 mph (130 km/h)
3.0 mm - over 80 mph (130 km/h)



Frame TypeLarge diameter high tensile steel spine, stressed engine.
Overall Length2152 mm
Overall Width760 mm
Overall Height1185 mm
Ground Clearance138 mm
Wheel Base1490 mm
Seat Height790 mm
Steering Head Angle27o from vertical
Trail105 mm
Dry Weight209 kg
Maximum Payload
rider + passenger + luggage + accessories)
181 kg

Electrical Equipment


Battery TypeYUASA YB14L-A2
Battery Rating12V - 14AH
Alternator Rating12V - 25A
Regulated Voltage14.5V at 5500 (engine) rpm
Stator Coil ResistanceLess then 1.0 Ohm
Rotor Coil Resistance4.0 Ohms
Slip Ring Diameter14.4 mm (14.0 mm min.)
Brush Length10.5 mm (4.5 mm min.)
Starter Motor Commutator Diameter28.0 mm (27.0 mm min.)
Commutator Groove Depth0.7 mm (0.2 mm min.)
Starter Brush Length12.0 mm (8.5 mm min.)
FusesHead Light10A
Tail Light10A
Radiator Fan15A
Inline fuse (1995 on)Brake Light5A
LightsHead Light60/55W H4 Halogen
Parking Light4W
Tail Light21/5W
Indicators10W (21W Japan)