Places to Get Bits & Bobs for Your MK1


Sprint ManufacturingTrev is the fella on the other end of a call to this company. Known and loved by many in the T3 scene and a pleasure to do business with.
Geelong Carbon CraftThese guys sold the business back in 2014 and the new owners folded it. Shame as they used to make some brilliant parts.
SkidMarxCheap and cheerful in comparison to Geelong but still not cheap. They still have the molds for the T3 stuff they stock at the time of writing (16/01/13). Worth taking a punt? Maybe so considering options are limited, I got a rear hugger that is still in use today but only after I saved it using this screen trim trick.
Penske Racing ShocksThese are not the cheapest shocks on the market for the MK1 Speed Triple but they are a premium unit. Triple adjustables come in at about £725 + the tax man’s chunk of flesh. There is a “reassuringly expensive” aura about these units with only a few chaps we know of having fitted them (None in the UK) but they where made up with the results. Also they are ride height adjustable but to the expense of the center stand mounts that have too be ground down. Bloody nice bit of kit all in all though.
Maxton SuspensionThese chaps are the crème de la crème of the UK Suspension market. We’ve seen countless Trumpets with these guy’s mono shocks and fork conversions. All reports have been positive from MK1 owners who’ve forked out (pardon the pun) for their work. Reasonable costs, maybe starting to border into the expensive but service and product hit the spot. You gets whats you pays for. A query for a front end rebuild circa Q4 2012 resulted in this PDF.
Hagon ShocksReasonable prices and reasonable parts, there isn’t much of a desire here for these gents shocks but they perform better than the originals and all for a good price. They have fork kits too if you fancy some of that action.
Wilbers SuspensionI personally can’t vouch for these lads but some chaps on the forums rate them right up there. Have a read up if you’re in the market.
Ohlins SuspensionUnfortunately the shock they made for the MK1 is a deleted part (TR533) and it was discontinued in 2001! However if it helps these dutch chaps might help build you one from the spec sheet, for over a grand. The UK Ohlins team quoted over £1800. I managed to snag an old stock part from these chappies in Spain.
YSS SuspensionI hear good things about YSS all the time. They have options for all the T3 range.
All Bike EngineeringThese fellas do all sorts of parts for bikes and have been tried an tested in the search of MK1 Speed Triple bits.
Sprint DampersShould a steering damper be up your street, Sprint used to be able to sort you out. Seems they have stopped making them though. If you are lucky enough to find one Mot has installed one. Check out his site for a guide to install it. Obviously not replacement for the packaged instructions!!
Toby DampersThese guys used to make a damper for the MK1. The MK1 isn’t listed on their site though. If you just have to have a damper try them anyway and let us know how you get on.
National TriumphRun by Ivan, good bloke, good service. Right on the top of my list when I need stuff.
Triumph-AntI’ve not had the greatest of experiences from these guys, truth is though I’ve never got to the point of buying anything from them either. e-mail inquiries have put me off them a little but it doesn’t mean they don’t know their stuff and wont work out for you and it has to be said they are on the list. People I’ve herd bad things about don’t even get that far!
Pro-BoltNowhere better for exotic shiny bits. Try and steer clear of the blue and pink anodised chaff though.
eBoltThe chap who runs this place if probably the most helpful person I’ve done business with. Sourced me a set of odd sized bleed nips for my Alcons with no bother at all. He deserves your money!
Custom FastenersReasonable gear at a reasonable price. All in all a touch reasonable. They do well nuts for your front fender too.
Westfield FastenersA nice range of stainless goodies. There hose clamps section rocks! They worked out well when sorted my exhaust clamps too.
Tuck & Son’sMetal polishers extraordinaire! They do anything from your 3-1 to fighter jet seats and don’t mind striping and rebuilding either. My Sebring looked damn good after a touch of their love.
Component EngineeringThese guys have been known to reproduce fasteners in titanium. Mr Mot has had good results with them. So that's good enough to get them on this list.
Squaredeals"Squaredeals Triumph Moto Parts Emporium" ...their words, not mine. Stainless stuff is good.
Crump Star MotorcyclesThey repro some tasty parts.
Paul MessengerThe nicest guy you'd ever want to meet. He also knocks up stick coil conversions for 3 pot carb Triumphs.
AS3 PerformanceGet some fancy plumbing for our old girls here.

Paces to Get Help With Problems


www.mottleybiker.comProbably the most comprehensive account of a MK1 rebuild out there. Read, digest, enjoy. It’ll be in your bookmarks before you know it.
www.triumphrat.netThis is a good forum to get into, if not a little too serious at times, lots of lads here know their T3s. My first port of call when something has gone kerput on my old banger.
www.triumphtorque.comAnother forum for Trumpet’s. Nothing specific to the MK1′s here but they are discussed from time to time in the roadsters section. More UK centric than most forums and light hearted.
www.triumph-t3-passion.infoThis French site has done the best job of collating info about the early Hinckley’s and has a very active forum. Join in with a little Google Translate action.
www.thespeedtriple.comAnother forum, I really should check it out.
World Of TriumphHandy site this one, it has all the parts diagrams with a nice basket you can chuck all your parts into and have them sent to you door. Returns procedure tested and no complaints. I’d opt for the dealer if you have one local simply to save postage costs but if your in arse end of nowhere give them a whirl. They are also handy just to look over the schematics
Haynes ManualHaynes: They know a thing or two about looking after motorised ve-hickles. You need this book if your getting your hands dirty.
Triumph Workshop ManualAn expensive supplement to the Haynes manual in all honesty. If you fancy your chances or have time on your side eBay can be your friend here. It’s a good book for nothing other that the quick reference torque settings and exploded diagrams. Get one from you local Triumph Dealer.
Triumph T300 WikiGet involved people, a cool site to share knowledge!

Places That Have Web Articles About MK1 Speed Triples


www.bikini-bottom-racingteam.deI can't fault the job on this one. Very good stuff.... Quite amazing to see so many fancy parts on the same bike.

Places That Can Help Make it Faster


John Wilcox Competition EnginesThese fellas will rape you of all your money and probably haven’t touched a T3 in years either, but looking at the site, by jingo they should do the business for you!

Places That Are Random But Topical


T300 Facebook GroupI'm not a Facebook fan, this group might change things though.
BritBike BloggerThis bloke has the right idea. All credit too him.
Geordie BikerThis chap loves his Trumpets!
The AwesomerAll things awesome and big boy bikes.
Triumph Owners MCCNot bad for local ride outs and you get a glossy mag every couple of months.
Ace CafeTea, bacon, hot chicks, good music and sweet bikes. Go there! EVERY DAY!!!!!
Super III ModI think I like this! I think.
The Bike ShedWe like it at the shed, embrace the hipster.