Featured Owners – Tealetm



Tealetm is a fine contributor to the triumphrat.net forum and has posted almost 1500 posts over there to prove it! 🙂 He started a restoration of his ’95 Diablo Black Speed Triple and you can read it in full detail over yonda. He’s also done a cracking job of taking photos throughout his restoration, something I couldn’t manage. Our very own roving reporter “The Motatron” had a word in his shell like, about his bike and here is the outcome. Enjoy…

What made you buy it?

I always wanted a bike, so after graduating college I treated myself to the Speed Triple. I wasn’t looking for this particular bike, but came across it in the classifieds and went to take a look. My father always had Triumphs, so I figured I’d continue the tradition and decided to buy it for $4,000 from its original owner.

Best/worst feature?

The sound the engine and exhaust makes at mid RPM is uncontested and wonderful. The bike is quite heavy however and seems limited in power compared to more modern bikes. It is nice that the T3 series of bikes have many common parts, so finding parts isn’t that hard between the different models.

Best mod?

The best mod I’ve done is probably the new sprocket with different gearing. The difference in acceleration is great (although it obviously suffers at speed). I enjoy the CF rear hugger which I have partially painted, as well as the elimination of the plastic rear fender Is it a keeper Honestly I do go back and forth with the thought of selling it from time to time. I haven’t had a chance to do much riding the last two years, so it seems I do more work on the bike than actually riding. I always come back to the opinion that it is a keeper though, and hope to be able to keep the bike for years to come.

Do you service it… i.e. valves etc… has it had any failures crank sensor/sprag?

All the servicing since I’ve bought it has been done in my garage. Seems as though all the typical failure (crank sensor, coils, etc.) have afflicted it with the exception of the notorious sprag clutch failure. Valves and all other regular maintenance items are well within their service limits.

Are the Tokicos better? A worth while mod ?

Tokico’s were a minor improvement, but were definitely worth the swap. The upgraded dual brake lines were probably just as much of an improvement.

Is that Penske doing the job?

The Penske rear shock went in last year, and I haven’t had much time to ride it since. I have a set of new Racetech front springs to install, hopefully that will complete the suspension package.

Are the cans just for noise, weight saving, bling or what…?

The current exhaust is the stock setup (high temp paint on the headers). The right silencer has a very small leak coming from the hanger mount. I’m always keeping my eyes out for a different setup, but will never sell the stock setup as it is becoming harder and harder to find.

Favorite Tire?

When I first bought the bike I ran Dunlop Qualifiers on it and loved them. I’ve since changed and tried several different tires and now have a set of Michelin Pilot (power?) on it.

Any other plans for the future?

I’d like to get a steering stabilizer and a carbon front fender at some point. Other than that, I plan on riding this year!