Featured Owners – Gripperod

The second in a series of How to Spot a Fake Hinckley Triumph I thought we should focus on what is a less well known fake – that of the 900 Trident. The bike in question is not a particularly good fake and should be easy to spot but you would be surprised at how many people are taken in by this forgery and simply refuse to believe it is a Speed Triple.

It started with a fairly stock Black 1995 Speed Triple, but the owner it seems was not content with owning the S3 and really wanted the much more desirable Trident which his brother owned.

The makeover started with a complete strip and the frame was powder coated by Triple S in Yorkshire. This was followed by having the wheels powder coated white in an attempt to disguise the fact they were the S3 Brembo wheels rather than the authentic Trident items, the distinctive Black silencers were also binned in favour of a set of Yoshimura after-market jobbies. The main disguise was to fit a Trident/Trophy Instrument cluster and Trident headlamp bracket. (3 pieces, unobtainable second hand and “eye wateringly” expensive though still available from Triumph).

Then the fully adjustable suspension was disguised by having Maxton re-valve the forks with non standard adjusters at the top of the forks and a bespoke rear shock which didn’t have the remote reservoir.

When the cost of a respray was compared to complete new set of bodywork, unbelievably, the new bodywork was a better deal. However when it turned up rather than being the beautiful box section seat and metallic burgundy finish it arrived in Fireball Orange and with the S3 Seat, it was decided that most people wouldn’t notice so the body work went on as delivered.

The final touch was to fit higher bars though these were not the correct Trident items, rather a set of Sprint Engineering risers which meant fitting Daytona 900 top and bottom Yokes in order to prevent having to butcher the S3 items. The Swinging Arm was also polished to give it the Trident “silver” appearance rather than the powder coated S3 black.

Not strictly Trident mods however, the filler cap was replaced by an Oberon item and the front brakes replaced with Harrison Billet 6 pot items, the final mod was the addition of a Toby steering damper.

I now own this bike and whilst it is the best bike I have ever owned, deep down I know its really only a speed triple in disguise and not a real Trident.

Buyer Beware!