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Here is the information about me and my T301, I tried not to be too long!

About me: Olivier, I was born in Paris in 1962, I live in the Auvergne region of France, 50 km south of Clermont-Ferrand. The first time I saw a motorcycle, I knew that one day I’ll have one. It’s the visual balance of these strange machines and really being “immersed” in the scene that I was fascinated with and it still fascinates me.

Riding history: I started riding a bike in 1980 with a Honda 125 XLS that I still have today. Then I followed up with a Honda 500 XLS, 600 DR Suzuki, Honda CX 500, Suzuki GSX 1400, Ducati GT 1000, and to this day, and I hope for a long time Triumph Speed Triple T301. With each of these machines I enjoyed the riding and even if none is ever perfect, they all have a certain magic, that distill fun. I tested the single-cylinder, two- cylinder, four-cylinder and three-cylinder, which is my preference for it’s character.

Work on your MK1: It is a machine that I bought used in March 2010 with 45700 km this is not certified as it’s past is unknown to me. I bought a lot of parts on “The corner” a site selling online (French) but also at home in England on “World of Triumph” this is in order to help restore the bike. Maintenance I do myself, tire change, balancing, valve adjustment, adjusting carburation (complete rebuilding carburetors), engine sump draining and cleaning the strainer, fork repair, repair of brake system. sandblasting (at work) front and rear wheels that were damaged and painting (by a painter friend of business). I crafted a aluminium instrument holder for speedo (at MMB) and the temperature gauge (MMB) plus LED indicator lights to replace standard bulbs. Upon purchase, the bike was equipped with a saddle Yves Moillot (saddle from us) which is nice for the passenger. When I ride I ride solo in the saddle originally equipped with seat cover, all recently purchased used for fun. One of these days I’ll have to take care of the engine because it consumes a little oil, but not more than a 80’s Kawa ! So there is no urgency at the moment. Mileage now is 67800 km.

What I Like About The Bike: To begin with having a machine that can not be found every street corner and I can not tinker too specific tools. Being a carbed 3 cylinder bike gives it great character. This reminds me of a Boxer (dog). autonomy that provides 25 liters of fuel and can run quietly in the corners even completely clueless. The sound of the exhaust when the engine in full flow, now that is truly magical! This is a really nice bike on small roads, I get a real kid with her. Highway, on the fact of having a 5-speed transmission allows me to maintain a speed naturally more allowed.

What I Do Not Like About The Bike: As I am not very tall (1m72) the center of gravity is positioned high with the engine being held by the back bone frame (I love the look of that engine) but this does give me problems for some maneuvers on unstable ground!! Anyway, for now I have not dropped I must be getting used to it and have developed a technique! Otherwise, I see no flaw exists on this machine.


1 - Headlight with chrome casing
2 - Mounting a pair of silent Mecatwin exhausts
3 - Wheels front / rear painted gold
4 - Making a aluminium instrument mount to include a temp gauge all "home made"