Cassington Bike Night

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Event: Cassington Bike Night Venue: Cassington
Date: Mon. 29 June, 2015 Phone: erm… nah
Organiser: Mot, silkie & RofflyLollers Address: Witney, Oxfordshire OX29
Info: So, This little gem has been hinted at for a little while now. 10,000 bikes land on this little village on a school night of all nights. It’s all for the local community and because of the sheer size there is bound to be some sweet ass rare as rocking horse poo scoots to take a nosey at.

There’s not much else to say really, let’s do it, if it’s shit we wont go back, if it’s a right crack then it’s another to make regular.

Seems to me we should find a meet point just out of town a trundle in as a pack, suggestions of a meet point are more than welcome. Whack them in the comments below.

Most of our chat these days happens on our facebook group page and we have a little section about this event here and that’s where the latest news will be posted. Check there for the latest plan and to let us know if your coming. We are a closed group but we are hot on approvals so if you’re not a group member don’t worry you will be after just a couple of clicks.