Brighton Burnup – 2013

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Event: Brighton Burnup – 2013 Venue: Ace CafĂ© then off to Brighton
Date: September 15, 2013 Phone: 020 8961 1000
Organiser: Mot Address: Ace Corner, London, London, NW10 7UD , United Kingdom
Info: This is a big deal. A run for lots of bikes recreating the hey day of the cafe racer thing. It’s got to be worth a bash. Take a nose here to make your own mind up though.


So, A few developments that contradict the info shared before. I know it’s late in the day for this too but blame my Tiger! 🙂 To stop me waffling on enjoy the news in bullet format.

  • We’ve been told if we want the bikes on the stand we have to have the machines on the seafront before 9:00 and then they can’t leave untill after 18:00. I’m sure we can pragmatic about this on the day, especially if no marshalls are looking at the time.
  • Because of the daft litigious world in which we live we are not allowed the planned gazebo over the stand. We couldn’t get any form of insurance cover either directly or through affiliation with larger bike clubs.
  • If your planning on running down from the Ace I’m afraid you will be “in with the pack” as we have no-one to organise things Ace end as Mot and I have to be at the seafront for 9:00 now, obviously anyone is welcome to be that the seafront in the morning.
  • There is a small run meeting at the coast bound petrol station on the A21 before Hurst Green, just before 8am. If you want your bike on the stand and we hope you do, try and make this meet and let us know your aiming for it.

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