4 Years in the Making

The four years between posts are due to the longest period of apathy and procrastination known to man but our long-neglected website is happy again! It’s a lot faster thanks to our new web hosts!

The amount of improvements to the site is just insane, far too many to list. We might even open the registrations and comments sections again. We do have a lot of content to catch up on over the next few months so keep ’em peeled as at very least I have circa 400 hi-res shots from my 2016 Practice Sportsbikes article to publish. I might even get that scanned and added to the In the Press section along with a few other mag articles scans I have sitting here. I even have a featured owner article that needs posting, what a lazy bastard I have been.

But we are back, I bet it’s like all your Christmas’s have come early.

That or we’ll talk again in 2023, damn that sounds like a Si-Fi movie!!