Meets 2015

2015, The season is nearly upon us. I hope you’ve been getting your old girls ready for a good few months of blatting about this fair isle. We’ve been thinking about how we can get all our ugly mugs together and popped up a few pages in the events section. Comments hadn’t been coming in and then I thought, might help if I told you guys about the new pages… D’oh! Well Here I am doing just that. Getting your asses over to the events page and see if you fancy any of them. They each have a comments section so hollar in there if you’re going to attend them and if you think they are all shit moan about that in the comments on this page :).

There is something brewing for September, I’ll be popping another news update out for that in a few days, just to gauge interest before anything concrete is booked, let’s just say it could be our first foreign run!

Hope to catch some of you chaps soon.

  1. Would love to make a meet… but I think my carbs wouldn’t favor salt water on the 5K or so miles coming from Houston, U.S.

    Take and post a lot of pics!

  2. No bleedin’ dedication to the cause any more is there… 😉 We all know she’d be good for a 5K jaunt though.