We did a Facebook

I’m the first to admit I’m stuck in my ways. I have a deep seated hatred of Facebook, however the power of the people can’t be swayed by little old me and our pokey little website. I’ve been living in denial for many years that we don’t need to go down the Facebook road. It pains me to have to back track on this because after playing about with Facebook and starting to follow other Triumph groups in it (Like this one and this one) I’m starting to lift my vail and accept it’ll be a good thing for us. So… (Drum roll please)

…after clicking about 4 buttons (I guess the bastards do make things easy for you, grrrr) we have our very own corner in the facebookisphere.

Now I’ve gone all Californian metrosexual hipster I’ve started on a slippery slope towards getting a sodding Pinterest page going. What the fuck is happening to me 🙁

Please God help me!