Spreading the Speed Triple Love

The girls and boys over at Triumph’s Spirit online-mag are planning an article in the next issue we should all rather enjoy. They are however asking for our help so here I am bringing hearts and minds together for the sake of a little MK1 Speed Triple love. Mr Editor of said online mag requests the following from members: –

“We would like some of your members amazing anecdotes, emails/phone numbers (so we can talk) and pictures of them with their Speeds.

Ideally we are after people who have a story a little bit out of the ordinary (but legal) but if not, then we’re after the best single anecdotes… best rides, best thing you can do on a Speed and why it was and still is the best Triumph out there.”

If you want me to put you in touch with Spirit so you can share your stories of motorcycling badassery then say so in the comments below and I’ll introduce you both over e-mail. I’ll be using the e-mail you’ve registered with so just mention your website account name down there to get the ball rolling.

I guess as with everything in the media the dead line is yesterday, so act now people. Oh and finally no e-mail addresses in the comments please, the large penis advertisers would love that and I’m sure all your knobs are large enough riding that old school Hinckley iron!

Till next time ladies….

  1. Hi, my son is 21 in May, and I am giving him my 1996 black MKI for his birthday, ready for our trip to this years IOM TT.
    Would this story be of interest with picture of me handing him keys?

    • What a lucky sod! I got my MK1 about the same age. Mr Editor is whatching this space. I’ll let you know mate. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. I’m fortunate to have kept the majority of Triumphs I’ve owned over the years, each special in their own way, but the speedy is a special one.
    She’s been the attention of attempted theft, twice. Fortunately with no success. A hit and run on the M1, when the car behind failed to stop, sending her sliding down the road into the car in front me sliding and ending up with his bumper pinning my helmet to the road.
    When I jumped up the woman in the car in front fainting, for she was sure I was a goner.
    When the ambulance arrived they wanted to take me to hospital, however there was no way I was leaving the bike on the side of the motorway. It was rideable, though dented so I continued straight to my dealer 50 miles away.
    I’ve ridden several of the more recent incarnations, however with the original there is something unique.
    When riding her, it is a balance/symbiosis between man and machine. One cannot exist without the other and after 20 years She still never fails to give me a grin.
    On the recent ones, I feel more that I’m a passenger. On the original T3, I’m the pilot.
    In another 20 years, I’ll still be riding her and she’ll be passed on to my son, when I’m no longer able. He’s only 2 so I have a while yet.

    I got pulled over many years back when I had Twin Carbon Yoshis on her, she sounded fantastic that being the only reason the Police Woman that pulled me over for. She’s loved the sound. Alas I’m not sure that I’d get away with similar now. Wish I wasn’t stupid enough to get rid of them.

  3. hi all, well my old girl is an export bike that went to the US and came home about 6 years ago, she has a works sebring exhaust and 6 pot front calipers runs beautifully looks and is orriginal in every way and will be hill climbing at prescott next month also, and with 18,000 miles and only two careful owners, she shares her garage with an explorer and a purple street – and contrasts beautifully with the old and the new and yes I am a smug lucky b”%$ard.

  4. No Special story from me….just smitten from day one of the release…and then lusted for years until I got one in 2001 it was always the only bike I wanted. I remember the excitement when the Hinckley bikes were launched…then they tossed the MK1 Speed triple into the ring and BAMMO..!!!! jackpot…uncompromised it shows how right you can make a bike if you follow one vision..a factory cafe, cool, big, british..a wurring, churning soul catapult of an engine, I was in love.