Get Your Geek On!

Evening All, Clive’s been in touch and he’s opening his doors for another engine masterclass. If you wanna get your hands dirty with your Speed Triple you need to know this stuff. Read what we think about it over here, if you fancy some of this action you can get yourself on the list using the details in snippet below. Oh and Clive’s details are here if you fancy getting in touch with the legend himself.

Just to let you know another Triumph T3 Masterclass is on Sat 28th Feb – £75 (some accommodation at my place at £35 inc breakfast)

Paul Messenger is doing most of organising on this one 07803 319 666.

Thanks as always,

If you’re going, have fun! Let us know how it went in the comments below and if the weathers any cop I might run my old girl over too and say hi but that’s only because of Gill’s cooking. 😛

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  1. Happy new year all.
    I’d love to come but need to take my wife for a scan at the hospital that day. Could you please put me down on a list of interested parties for a future event? Thanks.

    Also wondering about how to access the photos from the excellent factory visit last year? The journalist said he was happy to make his pictures, including the ones from the drone, available to us. I’m sure we all have some to share. Cheers. Andy