We Know Where You Live…

…well vaguley and only because you updated your profiles. I recently got chased by members to update the Bike Map page of the site. Well I listened and it was quite overdue as I’ve doubled the number of pins in it. Thanks for sharing this data as it does give us all a nice idea of where the bikes are now and globally to boot! I think about one thrid of current registrations are represented. If you are missing and want youself included then just update your profile page and I’ll include you on the next sweep.

  1. nice job Silkie, now there is no excuse for getting together for a tyre kicking session.

  2. Yeah, there’s a couple of other members down here in Devon. If you wanna go for a spin chaps then please get in touch….

  3. Nice one mate….you might know where we are but do you know where you are !? clicking on you your nearest town is still Maidstone Lol 😉

    Fellow member of the WTFAW Tribe signing out !


    • hahah – It may have said Maidstone but at least the pin was in the right place. All fixed and thanks for the spot 😀