Start A New Year with A New T-Shirt!

Happy New Year everyone! So here we are 2015, I can’t believe we are in our 4th year now. Crazy! Anyroad seems the Triumph scene never sits still and there is a new club of moment raising up. The Hinkley Triumph Owners Club, they started as a facebook page and just launched their new website. These guys seem real easy to get along with and the best bit is they love their merch, so in partnership with them we have a new club shirt of our own! Like always, we don’t get involved in the business side of things. We are a non-profit bunch that don’t want to get into holding stock or running account books, I like bikes, not more work! So as per our previous form we’ve handed all that over to the experts who are into all that stuff. The design is ours but they are happy to run them off for us, so win win all around really and we appreciate the help boys! \m/,

Don’t forget there are other MK1 Speed Triple related goodies over on our swag page. Hope you like the shirts and I’ll be posting up about some planned meets for the year real soon!

  1. Good work me old mucker…are they going to offer a hoody too 😉

    • I like the fact your supplier would whack our logo on a bum bag. I’ll be ordering mine soon… 😀

  2. Looks good. I already have the existing T shirt and hoody so this one will complete the collection!