Oooooh, What a Bobby Dazzler!

Mornin’ to all you MK1 Speed Tripplers… Just thought I’d mention that we now have a place to flog your bikes or MK1 bike bits. Unfortunately this bit of the site can’t be free. There is a nominal fee for putting your stuff there but it has to be the best place on the net to get the fairest price for you MK1 goodies 🙂 The idea here is that we are trying to get a little help with the website hosting fees but not bombarding regular readers with ads for “sexy ladies in your area”, “penis enlarging miracle pills” or some other such bollocks that’s rife on the web these days.

First person to put their bike on the page gets it for free! Can’t say fairer than that.

Well that’s me done… have a good Sunday and I hope there’s a MK1 out there somewhere getting a good fettle today. I’m still decorating my old girls digs, then she’ll be in for a right good polishing. 😀

  1. Mmmmm get buffing !!!!!

    may have a list of odds and sodds for this area soon I’ll have a rummage 😉


  2. Sounds Good to me MOT!! 😉

    Once MK1 back up and running and cafe project will have a fair few bits to post too 😉