Clive Wood Engine Masterclasses

Now lads, don’t get grumpy, we had to do this event on the down low. We had to get a few early adopters to the site to help us out feel out a T3 Motor Master Class we had planned with a chap who is very well known in Triumph circles. This fella goes by the name of Clive Wood. Now if you Google Clive Wood you’ll only end up disappointed by getting hits for an old school British TV actor type bloke… So your better off searching for “Clive Wood Triumph“.

Clive is a very well respected and proven racer who just happens to be a dab hand with every Triumph that was passed out of the gates of Hinckley. I shit you not he knows them all inside and out. T3’s are where it all began for him, he was the first person crazy enough to take the old T3 old dinosaurs (We all know they were crude for there day and far from cutting edge) and put them through their paces on the track. This determination got him into are successful relationship with Jack Lilley’s, The worlds largest Triumph dealer where by he ran their racing outfit from the very beginning right up till about 2005.

There isn’t a trick or a tweak he doesn’t know about on any of the Triumph motors they have produced, he even had a major hand in the creation of the Spumph as well has many Triumph specials and racers that have surprised and impressed every one from seasoned track racers to the trickiest and pickiest of the journo’s the motorcycling press could throw at him. All have been impressed with his engine tuning skills.

Now enough bigging this chap up, you should have gathered by now he really knows his stuff and proved it to us first hand in front of five select chaps who he invited to his workshop in Bognor for a complete nuts and bolts strip down of a T3 motor. We covered everything you could have asked for and more. From the easy way to swap out your sprag to checking your cam timing. We literally hand a motor in the middle of the room and stripped it from top to bottom covering every single section of the motor piece by piece. The best news is this isn’t a one off. During the winter months he’s happy to get few more lads together to answer any and all questions about your Speed Triples. Nothing is a off topic and he can show you the factory workshop way of getting a job done or the way 30 years working on Triumphs has taught him to be the best way to get a job done. The itinerary for our weekend and I’d imagine yours too would go something like this.

Arrive at his 10:00 on the Saturday.
Start working through the engine tear down.

  • Top end strip; Cam swap, timing belt, shims.
  • Head off; Pistons and small ends check, Liner check.

Lunch (Chippy run)

  • Bottom end strip; Sump off, lower case split, gearbox out, sprag swap, alternator shaft upgrade.

We covered all the topics above while being constantly topped up with teas and coffees by his loverly wife and rounded the day off down the curry house for those who stayed over.

In the morning we covered carbies and general bike care tips and tricks then all made our way home mid afternoon.

We all came away having had a thoroughly good time spinning yarns about all things Triumph having been rewarded with a a lot more confidence to be able to tackle the hardest of jobs on our own machines.

If you want to get in on some of this informal but very worth while training Clive has said he’d happily do two more sessions this year, they have to be done come January though as that’s when business picks up for him again as people start thinking about the new race seasons and dusting off their road bikes.

If you want to get involved just drop me a line through the contact page and I’ll sort you boy’s out a slot on a first come first served basis. Just quote your registration ID and I’ll whack you on the list.

If your serious about your Speedy this session is priceless.

  1. Brilliant weekend….many thanks to Clive his wife and Paul can’t wait to do me first sprag cheers


    • Nuts! Wish it wasn’t so far from Scotland, I’d love to do one of these sessions! Sounds like you guys had a ball, hope you can pass on some of that info through these fine pages

  2. Yup you got it Ronnie 😉 twill do a pic by pic thing once I get elbows deep in the spare lump in the garage !


  3. It was certainly a cracking weekend and well spent! We all had a great time and learnt more than I thought possible in such a short space of time. Clive and Paul couldn’t have been more helpful imparting their huge collective knowledge of all things Triumph, especially our old T3s. Also, many thanks to Clive’s missus who made us so welcome and then made us endless cuppas both days. I had such fun I’ll be riding down to see Clive and Paul just for the hell of it next year.

  4. I’m well up for it. The course sounds really good as well.

  5. Well I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Thanks Clive and Paul for a fantastic informative session. Well worth the long trip down and no doubt I shall be taking a long weekend ride out to visit you guys during the summer, even if just for a bacon sarnie, mug of tea and a curry in the evening.
    The guidance provided has given me the confidence to attempt more on the engine, with the comfort of knowing your only a call away.
    Great weekend and new faces to names.

    See you again on a future master lass.

  6. Oh and thanks Silkie (Jon) for arranging.

  7. Thanks for all the kind comments guys.

    and thanks Jon (silkie) for puting these days together.

    your all more than welcome to pop down for chat / coffee / beer / curry / advice etc. we could even work on some triumphs !


  8. I would just like to add my thanks to to Clive, Mrs Clive and Paul for a great Master Class – well worth the train ride.

    And to Silkie for arranging everything.

    Also as a result of the course I am now the proud owner of a second speed triple (which did make the weekend slightly more expensive because I was only looking for a frame……….)

  9. Hi Clive (if this is going through to you)
    It’s Paul from Bury St Edmunds, following on from our telephone conversation a few weeks ago who do I need to contact for putting my name forward for your next engine strip/build weekend as I would like to attend?

  10. Paul. Clive is looking at doing another masterclass in June.
    Contact Jon (silkie) for more info.

    • Hi T552
      Thanks for your message regarding the master class in June, how do I contact Jon (silkie) for more info, does he have a e mail address or phone number?

      • TTEddie, You should have some info about the next course in your inbox. You can get in touch by hitting the envelope in the website title bar though.

        Ta, silkie

  11. To All .. back from a brilliant weekend in as good as expected company at Clive and Pauls masterclass, if you re thinking of going .. go ! you will learn ..lots , you will drink tea ..lots , you will eat curry .. lots and you will drink beer.. lots is optional 🙂
    well worth the jaunt down from sunny Yorkshire , hope all made it back ok and if any are heading up my way ( near Squires café ) get in touch, thanks again for a great weekend

  12. As Phil says above I second everything he says this course to anyone who is seriously interested in the T3 engine and other ancillaries that were also looked at as extras on Sunday morning, will not be disappointed.

    The content & volume covered by Clive & Paul over the course of the weekend was very informative it will give anybody who might be lacking the confidence the ability to have a go and give it a try.

    Don’t give this a second thought just get your name down worth every penny.

    Thanks again Clive, Paul and not forgetting Jill for keeping us fed and watered, hope to see you all again sometime and to all who attended hope you arrived home safely.

    Cheers Paul

  13. Check out Classic Motorcycle Mechanics mag September 2014 issue for full coverage of Clive’s course. Excellent write up by Chris Moss.

  14. Clive is moving into his new home in Lincolnshire this week 21/11/14. Classes to resume not too long after.

  15. Hi, I’ve recently joined the mk1 club and would like to put my name forward for the next course. Look forward to meeting you all.

    • Glad to have you aboard mate. Clive is sorting out the classes himself now so give him a ring direct to book a place. Let us know the date and I’ll at least come up and say hi!!! There will be some runs planned for next year too so watch this space fella.

  16. Hey Silkie , if your coming up that far its only a bit further to sunny Sherburn , I m sure I owe you a pint , or you owe me one !! :-)and yeh get some runs sorted mate I got a new tyre to wear out !
    Welcome Glen , you ll enjoy the course . I m sure Clive will have found a new favourite curry house by now !

  17. Cheers guys, will give Clive a ring tomorrow and let you know the next date.

    Can you tell me how I add a picture to my profile pic?


  18. For the profile pic head over to Set it there and it’ll show up here and many other websites to boot.

  19. Thanks Silkie , I’ll have a look.

    I rang Clive this evening, no answer so I left him a message – as soon as I know anything I’ll post on here.


  20. Hi Glen.
    The next course date has been set. 29th/30th December.
    We are working frantically to get the new workshop up and running.
    btw mobile phones ( o2) are rubbish up here so please be patient if trying to ring through.
    Jon. Yea come on up m8.

  21. Thanks Paul,
    Put my name down, look forward to meeting you all.


  22. Just fresh back from the course and well worth the time and money. Now got confidence and motivation to re-build my trident and change the sprag in the spare lump. Nice meeting you all chaps.

    • Glad you enjoyed it mate, shame we never talked more! Better luck next time. Your welcome to pop over for a cuppa if I’m in riding distance for you.

  23. Can’t remember where you live Silkie? Was it Suffolk ?

  24. Next course arranged for Sat 21st November

  25. Any space left on the next course? My cousin is thinking about coming over from Sweden…