So Much News I Can’t Find A Suitable Picture…

So Lads, What’s occurring? Well plenty as it happens. First and foremost, T-Shirts. Grab your MK1STOC branded clobber over on our new swag page. I know it’s been a long time request, people spoke and we listened. Eventually :).

The new Bike Map is now available too. The page itself explains how you can get yourself up there. There is no risk of people finding your bikes as all locations are no more accurate than to a town. It was a sod to create but I think it turned out well and I managed to use the evil google’s new maps api. Sexy times indeed! This should help us out when working out where we’d get best attendance for meets. So, help a brother out and update your profiles.

Finally, the eagle eyed amongst you will notice the new banner with mention of our affiliation with the and if you haven’t noticed well you’re reading the announcement. What does it mean for you lads? Well sod all actually. I think the think they might get some new subs from our traffic and in a sort of “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” kinda’ way we might get some more traffic from theirs. Remember though, you don’t have pay a penny to be a member with us and can still come on our ride outs. I’m hoping the chaps at the will help us out a bit when organising stalls at future events and help us look a bit more pro, hopefully it’ll all work out well and it’s nice to see a little harmony in the world.

Till next time lads…..

  1. keep up the good work Silkie, of spreading the word and keeping us together (bit like the plastic thing that holds the beer cans together). cheers. M

  2. We gonna bump into a few of the TOMCC soon then…would only be polite I reckon….;-)

    Where would we be without plastic things to hold our beer…beer anarchy that’s where !!!!!