Best Bike of the 90’s? Damn Straight It Is!

Well fellas, this came a little out of the blue. Those lads over at Swinton Bikes have a little project running at the moment and we’ve been asked to help out a touch. Here is the e-mail I got from their outsourced web design chaps.

“We work on behalf of Swinton Bikes and we’ve been working on a Battle of the Bikes picture board to encapsulate the best sports bikes of the 90’s. We’ve deliberated long and hard about which should be featured in this. The 90’s was certainly a renaissance period for bikes but the list has now been whittled down to 9 bikes. One of our favourites is the Triumph MK1 Speed Triple. The next step is to feature quotes on the picture board from bike enthusiasts as to why their preferred bike should win the battle of the bikes. We feel you would be the perfect ambassador for the Triumph MK1 Speed Triple.”

So, how cool is that. A nice dose of recognition as to how cool our bikes are. Now the thing is that makes the Mk1 9th best bike of the 90’s if we don’t lift a finger and I don’t think it does the machine justice. To push it up to the numero uno spot I need us to get our heads together and come up with some top flight quotes as to why the MK1 Speed Triple was “THE” bike of the 90’s.

Use the comments bit below to inundate us with your witty and soul encapsulating literary masterpieces… let’s win the accolade lads! Let’s face it, that’s what the bike did to us, captured our souls so now let’s give her a little something back.

Well that’s my Martin Luther King style inspirational speech over and done with.

It’s over to you lot now.

May God have mercy on our souls. 😀

  1. I couldn’t let this gem go. Thanks to Obee from the triumphtorque forum: –

    “The Mk1 is the Orson Welles of the bike world; big, powerful, tremendous presence, thunderous voice, gigantic stature and utterly mesmerising to watch in action.”

  2. 1994 Mk1 launched…chained next to a Rottweiler..Triumph are back..Back In Black ! show me another that can do that trick as well ? noughties..MK1 still stealing hearts and souls cool, timeless and desirable…nuff said 😉

  3. Mk1 Speed Triple – Old Skool Cool, the Grandfather of all today’s leisure bikes. Big, strong, sleek, sharp…………Triumph’s first and best attempt at styling. A timeless classic you will never tire looking at.

  4. Quote from the recent Triumph Torque calendar…”The MK1 Speed Triple is the first Hinckley model that captured soul, character and edge. The MK1 started the Speed Triple cult” and every model from the MK1 to now has nailed it…that’s some legacy !!!!!

  5. Good it’s all the better for it 😉

  6. The great thing about the MK1 is just gets better and better with each ‘sense’ challenged as only this particular motorcycle can.

    Firstly, when you approach a static MK1 it just seems to lean, laconic, muscular, classic old school, like Marlon Brando does in so many of his films. Then you climb aboard, tall in the saddle, solid like granite and built to last. Just as the excitement builds, there is still more and better to come. Ignition on, side stand up, a tweak of the choke and then a prod of her button! Holy moly, what sweet thunder she makes, the ground literally trembles with anticipation, the lingering hint of rich mixture hanging in the air as she warms up! Finally, it’s when all these previous ‘senses’ combine with that wonderful fluid motion, which is riding a great motorcycle, as you engage first gear, release the cluth and accelerate down your favourite stretch of road, leaving all others in your wake, do you truly understand what a magnificent bike the MK1 Speed Triple is…

    • That’s beautiful man, just beautiful!

      • Isn’t it just…
        Many other bikes, including its latest namesake, are capable machines. However after the ride you just feel like you were the passenger.
        With the original it is a balance, a synergy, between rider and machine. Every ride a memorable experience, returning with a grin on your face. You’ve lived and loved every minute of the ride. Feel alive and looking forward with anticipation, for the next experience.

        I’m fortunate in that I have 6 bikes in my garage,road taxed and ready. All of them referred to as ‘Girl’ with the exception of the Speedy….. He’s ‘Bloke’ through and through.

  7. Yup as only someone who has owned a MK1 will understand. Interesting point about gender too – my MK1 is she when I ride her but is unequivocally a man’s motorcycle. I do like my girls with a curvy figure!