Who’s Up For A Spin Then?

Hello boys and girls, been a while huh!? Well lots has been going on at silkie towers. My Speedy has been on great form so I’ve been out and about on her a fair bit. She’s also got a nice FCR shaped present in the post. Happy days indeed although I fear a STEEP learning curve is on the horizon but I can’t wait.

So what’s been going on with the website? The Speed Triple Challenge page has had a tweak, formatting mostly but there are a few new documents in there now that make for a nice distraction and add to the historical relevance of the series. The Picture Gallery has had a few more pictures added thanks to a few members getting in touch and forwarding us photo’s of their beloved machines.

Oh yeah and it’s coming up for another ride-out, the Brighton Burn-up is planned for the 15th Sep. Mottley has a pitch on the sea front and will be there early doors to reserve the pitch. Unfortunately this does mean that he will miss out on the ride down to the sea front from the Ace. If you don’t know the ride down from Ace to the sea side is a cafe racer re-enactment type affair and shit loads of bikers will be on this run. Quite an experience for all so we all need to slap Mot on the back for taking one for the team and missing out on the ride down.

Timings are sketchy at the moment but from what I’ve been told “Ace Cafe Pete” has some past experience on this run and it sounds like his advice is pivitol to the formation of a plan! Get in touch fella and we’ll work it out. In the mean time gents, cast your poll responses if you know what your planning to do on the day.

Right, it’s over and out for now but with this shitty weather you never know, I might pull my finger out and put up some more content 😛

  1. Hello All
    I have done the Brighton run from the Ace loads of times and it great. Never done it as part of a big group usually a pair or trio. The usual route is North Circ to Hanger Lane, A40 west to M25, M25 anti clock to M23. Due South on the M23 then A23 into Brighton.
    I am going from the Ace as long as it is not lashing down! It will be chaos at the Ace so the chances of finding each other minimal. If anyone interested a meet at Stonebridge Park Tube Station an hour before departure from the Ace is feasible. Then we could arrive and park at the Ace at the same time.
    There is a service station just outside Brighton at Pease Pottage which gives the opportunity to regroup if we separate. Post your thoughts

  2. This has nothing to do with the Brighton gig which I am still heading for but I need to vent my spleen regarding the price of T300 spares. Didn’t know where to put it on this site being computer inept. Last time I met Silkie at The Ace I told him I had a slight leak around the water pump and was going to replace the cover gasket/seal and the internal O ring which I did at a stupid prie for the two.
    Water leaking from weep hole now and I have just spent £187.04 of my hard earns money on a water pump that does not include the bloody internal O ring.
    Any one out there know when T300 parts becomeNew Old Stock, if they are not already ?
    I’ve put the same rant on the rat site in case some of our overseas cousin can advise.
    Rant over.

  3. Deffo water leaking out ? only reason I say is that if the clutch push rod seal goes it can run down the side of the bike and at first looks like it’s coming from the water pump !

    That aside can you measure the O ring you need it may be cheaper from Simply Bearings


    or post the size up and I’ll look for you 😉


  4. Mot
    Thanks for the offer however expensive water pump and another new O ring being picked up tomorrow. Re clutch push rod: I changed clutch slave cylinder seals last year and removed push rod completely to check and all looked good.
    Still hacked off with the price of 20 year old parts. All R&d paid for by now so pure profit for the company/dealers. About time they cut us some slack.

  5. I know mad innit..all bike parts come at a silly premium ! lawnmowers are just as bad !!! 200 quid for a new rev counter a couple of years back smarted a bit so you have my sympathy 😉

    • Don’t start me on the clock set! Recently had to replace the speedo after a previous bird brain decided to put 5 W bulbs in it resulting in melted plastic pod and dried out silicon greaser on the chronometer and trip meter which subsequently packed up. Cost approx £220.00. Managed to dismantle and repair the tachometer though. Triple connection to the internal PCB re soldered and working now. £280.00 saved.

  6. Quandary… What are your thoughts

    I’ve purchased a Super III engine and ECU so now what do I do with it.

    Keep it for spares for my Super III on whom I limit my miles to about 2k per year, so hopefully little need.
    Swap it into my Speed III for a little boost or do I keep my Speedy in original spec.
    Build a new custom cafe racer based upon Speed III, I have majority of parts available.

    Choices, choices.. Any ideas?


  7. I’m with you that the Super III should live long with those miles per annum…Putting the lump into your speed Triple unless it needs it may be a backward step as the engine you have in there is great for a naked bike as it’s gutsy and strong low down….

    So my vote would be Custom Cafe 😉


  8. Maybe with a nose fairing or instrument cowl so you can use the upper end of that Super III motor with a little more comfort and style ?


  9. Thanks Gents. Speedy will be kept as original.
    Now to start on a project.

  10. looks like could be a dry evening, saw in motorcycle news bike meet at Crayford arms DA1 4HH. Am going to run down there on the Triple sun 17 Nov, see if any brave souls turn up…will be there about 8.15pm .from there to Blackheath common tea hut later, always a few bikes there.

  11. Good on you…just got back from a little spin out myself all be it on the Sprint Sport to Bognor and back about 120 miles but there is still fun to be had out there…ride safe