I Want My MTV…

Well, I’d be surprised to see some MK1’s on MTV and I was surprised to find this little gem. The Internet Car Movie Database, IMDB for cars and stuff. Some people really do have too much time on their hands. Says me, the glorified train spotter bringing you this stuff!

Mind you this time around it is for our benefit. They have a record of the MK1 Speed Triple in a couple of TV shows. Check out the searches here and here as they might find more after I post this.

At the time of writing MK1’s were beamed into the living rooms of the UK by a show called Bugs.

Blog Feature - Bugs 1
Blog Feature - Bugs 2

Blog Feature - Bugs 3

And in the homes of our German cozens by show called Hinter Gittern – Der Frauenknast.

Blog Feature - Hinter Gittern - Der Frauenknast

Also keeping on the movie, T.V., video them I’ve updated the Video Gallery with four choice pickings from YouTube. Here is my particular favorite, it starts out all porno and then fires up into a good old rock and loud bike fest! Enjoy… \m/,


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  1. Good find 😉 I enjoyed that !