Well, We Launched a Bike Club!

We managed it, the launch of our little community has officially been celebrated. A few words about the day can be found over on the event page.

As far as I’m concerned, and it seemed to be the consensus of all the chaps I had a natter with, that a good time was had by all. Here’s looking forward to the next run…. back at the Ace again but this time a lot less full on. A nice chilled out affair over a brew in July. Usual drill let us know on the event pages if your coming.

Lot’s of characters at the Ace this weekend… It was good of Angelos Epithemiou to have made the effort too ūüėÄ

Blog Feature - Angelos

Also we’ve punted up 28 more shots to the Gallery, it’s getting a bit big now though.

  1. Was great to meet everyone…just goes to show you meet the nicest people on a MK1 so thanks to the Lady & gentlemen who made the day what it was…

  2. Good to see so many Mk1 together. It would have been something else to see them all on the move. Are you considering STOC T-SHIRTS. I attended on mine and was one of the 4 smaller group parked together. Thanks for tucking the stickers under my seat hump. I now have to decide where I will put them. I got my Mk1 in Dec 2008- P reg six speed. Thanks to Mot and his informative web site I took inspiration and technical knowledge of how to renovate by ride ( without I would have been lost). My bike was tatty when I first got it but after spending much money its now up to scratch. I’ve tried to keep it as original as possible and have all the parts. I powder coated various parts including cases/hangers wheels etc. The only upgrades I have made is to change the cans ( good originals also) to Motad ( Nicer open ended sound). I have also changed the bars for 3 way adjustable tomasellis. The grips are from the modern triple. I had the suspension sorted by K-tech/hagons. K@N filter etc. My only other items I intend to purchase are the parts to make it a duel seat ( Brighton run- hoping the wife will ride with me) and bar end mirrors. I did like the white striped paint job of one of the triples at the Ace but don’t really want to mesh with the original paint work. Thanks