Site Launch Event – 5 Days & Counting

Alright all you ugly mugs!?

Party time is nearly upon us! This Sunday is the biking event of the year.

We are about 15/16 bikes now and I imagine we might see a couple more MK1’s turn up who haven’t confirmed, so who knows, 20 ish machines maybe? That would be a great turnout.

Not only that we’ve tugged on the ear on a few mainstream bike mags so you never know you could be famous!

I shit a little brick back there hearing that some truly dedicated lads are bring their MK1s all the way down from Scotland, while this is an outstanding level of dedication I can’t help but feel it’s a long way to come to sit in a carpark and talk all day, even if it is the Ace. So I started looking around for other things to do for the discerning biker around the Ace Cafe and came up trumps.

The London Motorcycle Museum looks like it’s all of about 10-15 minutes away from the Ace. I’ll print out a couple of maps and whack them in my back pocket for those lads who get a little restless so they can scoot over there and back sometime during the day.

As for timings, Mot’s been onto the Ace and they want him and I there to setup before 09:00 so trundle down anytime after that. Aim for between 12:00 and 13:00 so we can try and get most bikes lined up around that time for photo’s and whatever and then you can sod off when your patience runs out.

Looking forward to meeting whoever is making the effort to roll on up!

See ya Sunday… πŸ˜€

  1. Cheers for that Silkie, only my Speedy coming down though, my mate’s on a Zed Thou and my other mate from Stafford’s on a GSXR Thou, but hey we can’t all be perfect!

    • No worries Ronnie, see ya Sunday dude. Maybe this weekend will go some way to bring your mates into the light and turn their backs on their past sins. πŸ˜€

  2. Hi Silkie and all,
    I will be there on Sunday morning with my Diablo Black Speed Triple MK1 copy. Looking forward to the originals too!

  3. Still hoping to be there though an oil change has left me with a non-threading oil cap. I’ve tried two new ones which are just as bad (cross-threading) – fast running out of options as I don’t have a replacement sprocket cover. What a crap design! Anyone got any tips?

    • I ran a cross threaded dip stick on my Tiger for about 3 months, it made a seal still but was just sat on the piss. My thread was broken on the dip stick, sounds like yours is the sprocket cover though to mess us the new dippers. Which is odd as the cover is metal and the dipper plastic.

      As for suggestions pop a post on the T3 Sports and Touring forum.

      Loads of smart chaps over there.

  4. Andy, my old plastic one suffered the same fate at the hands of some previous hamfisted twonk. Have a look see at my ally one tomorrow it’s a beaut, with built in top temp gauge, and sorts the problem permanently. Rich

  5. Like they say Andy there is no pressure involved just possibly a bit of splash so tbh a rag would seal it so a cross threaded one would still do the job until you find a good replacement πŸ˜‰


  6. My Beauty Is Off The Road atm πŸ™ I Will Hopefully See You Guy’s & Girl’s Next Time

    Long Live The Speed Triple…


  7. It was a pleasure meeting you all today chaps! Thanks for the various T3-related advice and I hope to see you all next month, holidays permitting…
    Best, Bane

  8. Great to see everyone – thoroughly enjoyed the day at the Ace. Thanks for the stickers Mot! A really good turn-out. Anyone interested in a venture abroad next year? Le Mans/Bol etc etc