Oooooooo! How Engaging…

‘ello lads, Now The Great Sir Mottley of Biker and I were having a mull over how we could get you lads more engaged (See what I did there!?) with this little ‘ole club of ours and we came up with a stonker of a brain wave!

Introducing……. (Drum roll please) our “polls” section!

Over there you’ll be able to register your opinion on the questions of the day, we won’t literally be doing one every day though! That being said it’s still an awsome way to interact with the club. As always, your ideas for new polls or any other content can be flung at our inbox to our great delight, as many of you have been doing!

So, while I’m here what else has been going on? I’ve been making small tweaks to the look and feel of the site, most noticeably on the home page with a load of new swooshy crap. This is to the expense of all the content we’ve been sent, because I’m a lazy sod but will get around to it promise! Also we have a new feature bike to post and that’s in the final stages of editing so should be with you soon.

Oh yeah, and it transpires that we had some level of MK1 Speed Triple royalty at the Ace Cafe on our site Launch… Well if you remember this picture from way back in the day of the original marketing of our beloved old girls, Karen and Mountie modelled for some PR shots. More shots in the In The Press section.Blog Feature - Karen & Mountie

Well it turns out they were at the Ace and all misty eyed about the bikes… it was real nice to see and here is a quick attempt at a recreation! Gallery - Karen & Mountie

Also Mot has been trying to find a suitable company up to the job of getting us some threads together. They have mostly not been up to the said job, so this is on going but he’s putting a lot of effort into this.

As such this goes some way to a mass doffing of my cap for all the effort he’s been sticking in. All Hail!! The Great Sir Mottley of Biker!!