Where Have We Been?

Well, been a while ain’t it.

I can only say that I’m a lazy sod and I’ve been celebrating my birthday so beer, cheese cake and working out how to spend a nice little injection of cash has been at the fore for me. Now you lot haven’t been out of my thoughts entirely, there have been a couple of little additions to the site in the past 24hrs.

Mottley has brought us a nice little page about Spotting a Fake MK1 Speed Triple, I’ve added 87 new pictures to the Gallery (That’s 244 in total, OH MY DAYS!). There are a couple of links to other MK1 Gallerys too, not only that one of our very own readers scanned and e-mailed over two new magazine articles for the In The Press section, thanks go out to Mike Huber for that nice touch.

Blog Feature - Cheers

Cheers fella!

Mottley has also been in touch with printers and t-shirt chappies about getting some gear together for our members, more about that one later.

All this club work has been brought to you by the raw melodic sonic joy of Ghost and Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats. \m/,

  1. Belated happy birthday Jon!:-)

    I’ll definitely be up for one of those t-shirts and any other MK1 goodies!

  2. I’ve been in touch with a someone re clothing and ordered up a couple of tops to check out all is ok…once sorted I’ll let Jon know the details 😉


    • I would be interested in t shirts etc too.

  3. Hi Jon,
    the question is: Where are you NOW? 😉
    If you have a minute please check your inbox at Facebook.. I’ve left you a note about the T300 meeting in Germany next weekend.

    And.. I’m also interested in a t-shirt und /or other stuff..

    Johannes aka Jonas

  4. Jonas; Good to hear from you man. My bike is in bits still so a run to the father land is bit of a push for me mate. I’m thinking it’d be a nice trip for a few of us from the site for next year though. Keep in touch dude.

    Over to Facebook……….