Bloody Insurance

Jesus Christ! I have to vent and if this info helps others then great. 😈

Insurance; I hate it but we all have to do it, sodding law! (at least it is the law in good ol’ Blighty) Having worked in financial services too I know how crooked most of the outfits are.

Anyway after doing loads of mods to my ’95 Speed Triple I found getting insurance REALLY bloody hard. So much so, I only found one insurer that would touch me and here are the lessons I learned while going through this epic and ball breaking journey.

I was VERY picky with my insurance this time around because of the time and effort put into the restoration, so here is what I had to have;

  1. Duel bike cover. I’ve got to ride my Tiger too and works out cheaper to include it! *
  2. No Voluntary excess.
  3. Cover Riding Other Chaps Bikes.
  4. Leathers Covered.
  5. Extra Legal.
  6. Personal Injury.
  7. Commuting.
  8. Protected no claims.
  9. Agreed Value (£7000).
  10. European Breakdown.
  11. Salvage Rights
  12. All Mods Declared
    1. Polished Wheels @ £300
    2. Air Brushed Paint @ £800
    3. 3-1 @ £400
    4. Ohlin @ £800
    5. Maxton @ £800
    6. Ti Bolts @ £300
    7. Galfers @ £400
    8. Alcons @ £600
    9. Carbon Fenders @ £500
    10. DynoJet stage 1

Things I had to agree too;

Agreed mileage. This is new right? I’ve never been asked about that before.

Speedy – 4999m

Tiger – 9999m

Bonus Covers;

Key and lock cover.

* NCDs (No claims discounts) are only valid against one new policy. So if you have two bikes and want to insure them seperatly against two policies you can only use your NCD against one. This cheeses me off because I would have thought not claiming would have been down to the policy holder.

And here is a list of companies that turned me away!


Company Excuse
Bennets Exhaust
Hastings Direct DynoJet Kit
Carole Nash Too many mods
Footman James

Classic cover doesn’t include mods.

Besides the bike isn’t “classic” enough


Wouldn’t do agreed value

Triumph Motorcycles Insurance    

No mods

eBike where on the radar but I didn’t get a quote because I was losing the will to live being in call queues, besides I couldn’t call them so the mod thing would have been a pain.

The people who finally came through…. bikesure, the bike division of Adrian Flux and at a reasonable price too.

Thank god it’s all over, for this year any road.

  1. Had this problem last year Silkie – bloody nightmare but finally got a dual bike deal with Swinton for the S3 and daytona. Not looking foward to the usual hassle this year but will hopefully find someone willing to take me on at a reasonable cost.

  2. Bikesure do the job for me too. I have a ZX7R upside down front end on my defrocked Daytona. “So we’ll just make a note that you have custom forks” was excited as they got about it.