We Are Responsive…. and have new pictures too!

Evening ladies and gentlemen. I’ve been busy doing the web dev’er thingy and as of now we are RESPONSIVE. “WTF is responsive?” I hear you all scream. Well it means those of you with fancy gizmos like iPods/Pads/Touches/Phones (other mobile devices are available from all good retailers). Will now be able to view the site really nicely on those iddy biddy liitle mobile screens.

Just imagine yourself at the local bike meet and you can’t remember that handy little fact about your bike, well now you can whop out your (keep it clean!) mobile phone and load up the pages nice and swift. You’ll never be with out those meet dates, fix tips or bike specs again!

That coupled with all the other web 2.0 crap we have going on we really are cutting some edges!!!!

Oh and I’ve also lobbed up 36 new images into the gallery brings us to a whopping 157 pictures in there now.

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  1. I’m as thick as a submarine door, but how do I post a pic’? Mark