Our Latest Victim

I’ve been scurrying about this morning whooping together our latest addition to the site. Mozy on over to the Featured Owners section to have a read about one of our US cozens’ Tealetm.

What more could you ask for? More pictures? Greedy bastards…… Don’t say I never listen to my readers. There are three more in the Gallery. £20* says you can’t spot the new additions and post up links to them in the comments before the end of the day! 😛

Finally don’t be afraid to follow us on Twitter @MK1SpeedTriple.

* – Prize money to be claimed in person at the Ace Cafe on the 09/06/13. Our official launch shindig!

  1. Hi all

    Dave here from west yorkshire.
    Mine is a 94 black speed triple, 5 speed box , had it since brand new and was fortunate enough to hang on to it when i bought my r 1200 gs

    Getting it taaxed and tested for summer.



  2. Nice one Dave….many miles on the old bus ? ping us some pics when you get time 😉


  3. Bugger I’ve been staring at pics..I thought I’d found the three ! then changed my mind, then went back and know I haven’t a clue…Damn you Silkie..I think one of them was an engine cut away shot..if I’m right on that how many guesses do I get for the other two Lol……

  4. The other two!? You’re wrong with your first punt. I wouldn’t mind mate but you gave me two of the shots! You might have to cut back on the beer as soon as you punch your clocking off card. I seems it’s gone right too your head. 😀

  5. Ha….I wouldn’t mind but it’s a beer free day !!!! Fresh air seems to have done the damage today…I think I used all my beans up doing research to reply in the Gallery comments section, post the answer up tomorrow so that I can kick myself 😉

  6. HI All, i’m Dave an my lady Lindsay. We are new to this site and wanted to share our bikes 1 genuine ex boyer racing (hers) and my genuine fake trophy triple both black. both live in doncaster (south yorkshire). any reps this way ??. if not we could possably help. regards Dave and Lindsay.

  7. Reps up your way… hehe, not really. The admins here are only a couple of us. Me and Mot, both south east based. Send us some shots of your bikes and stuff. It would be cool to have an ex racer in the Feature Bike section. Get in touch using the Contact Us page.

    Local reps huh… not a bad idea!