OMG A Facebook T300 Group? Well I Never.

Would you Adam and Eve it! There is a Facebook group for people who love Triumph T300’s.

While that is good one of their members has made some CARBON FIBRE T300 wheels…WTF!

……and that is just spooky because I was only dreaming about such a thing last weekend.

Now I’m feeling all unnecessary again and when that happens my wallet always takes a right kicking.

Get over there and say Hi lads…

  1. Looking at those wheels I think…they mat have been Hydro Dipped ie: a water based coating that looks like carbon…only reason I say is the alloy parts seem to be integrated and the carbon weave unrealistic ??????

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO – Don’t say that….. where am I going to find Carbon wheels now?? 😛

    Think your onto summink though, case in point right here…..

  3. Anyone know someone who makes 5 spokers for t300s?

    • Naugh….Dymag did some fancy tri-spokes for the T300’s. They might have something in their archives. Get in touch with them and if you find the part number become friends with eBay. Your wallet will melt though, even second hand, but they say light wheels are one of the best mods you can do to a bike. It’s on my wish list too….