I Just Can’t Leave Things Alone

Well, I’ve added a new section to the links page titled “Places That Have Web Articles About MK1 Speed Triples”.

Three new links in there, first is a straight review of the MK1 Speed Triple from www.vintagemotorcyclesonline.com. The other two are fantastic rebuild diaries www.speedfreaks.info & www.bikini-bottom-racingteam.de (In German, get your translate on).

Grab a brew, put your feet up and have a good gander.

Catch you next time I find some more MK1 Speed Triple news,

Over and out!

  1. Hiya all. Am loving the site so congrats to all those of you that make things happen.. Not sure if I have placed this in the right box so sorry if not. Are the Mk1 OC badges available to purchase? I used to have the Speedtriple Challenge T shirt back in 95 after purchasing a MK1 bike. That was modified by Dave Heal ex Speedtriple Challenge racer who fitted mzny if the race mods to including Proflex shock .. Still have the reg of that bike if someone is running that bike . Will dig it out! Currently running a 94 Trip with all the mods on it.. We could reprint those T shirts!?!? Cheers. Judd

    • Hey Juddmeister, Glad your enjoying the site! ūüôā

      The comments appear on the article, news item or page your typing into only. So, for example, if you have things to say about the STC, whop the comments over on that page. Maybe with a little luck you’ll be united with the current owner of your old Speed Triple.

      As for merch, we aren’t about making money but I know Mot has made up some stickers. I like the idea of them only being available at meets. However it pans out we’ll get a new batch made up. Re-printing the Tees isn’t beyond the realms of possibility either….. nice idea!

      Might we see you at the club launch knees up posted over in the events section, planned for June 9th?

      • I would love to go to the launch but will depend on whether I have my lads that Sunday. If I can I will ! Will check with my Ex.. Judd