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Torque Settings


The factory workshop manual is best for this.
If anything is to cock with the information below then use the contact form to let us know.

Don’t fuck with your bike if your not 100% sure of what your doing.
That’s what professional mechanics are for.

Front End


Wheel Spindle60 Nm
Wheel Spindle Pinch Bolts20 Nm
Brake Caliper Mounting Bolt40 Nm
Brake Pad Retaining Pins18Nm
YokesBolts - 20 NmUpper & Lower Pinch
Steering Stem: Top Nut65 Nm
Steering Stem: Bearing Adjuster Bolt: Lower – Finger Tight
Lock Nut – 40 Nm
Fork Top Nut23 Nm
Damper Rod Retaining Bolt (Bottom Fork Leg)40 Nm

Middle Bit


Engine Mounting Bolts100 Nm
Front Sprocket Nut130 Nm
Spark Plugs18 Nm
Clutch Center Nut105 Nm
Cam Cover Nuts10 Nm
Cam Bearing Cap Screws10 Nm
Cam Chain Adjuster Nut23 Nm
Cylinder Head BoltsTighten from the center out in 3 stages.
Stage 1 - 25 Nm
Stage 2 - 40 Nm
Stage 3 - 50 Nm
Valve ClearancesExhaust: 0.15 mm – 0.20 mm
Inlet: 0.10 mm – 0.15 mm
Oil Drain Bolt48 Nm
Oil Filter Bolt18 Nm

Back End


Wheel Spindle85 Nm
Wheel Spindle Pinch Bolts35 Nm
Brake Caliper Mounting Bolt40 Nm
Chain Slack35-40mm
NOTE: Checked with bike on center or
paddock stand and the chain at the tightest spot.
Shock Top Nut100 Nm
Drag Linkage Spindle Bolt85 Nm
Drag linkage Mounting Bolt100 Nm
Drop Links (Dog Bones) Bolts55 Nm

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