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MK1 Speed Triple Owners Club Launch

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Event: MK1 Speed Triple Owners Club Launch Venue: Ace Café
Date: June 9, 2013 Phone: 020 8961 1000
Organiser: Mot Address: Ace Corner, London, London, NW10 7UD , United Kingdom
Info: The long awaited gathering to kick off the MK1 Speed Triple Owners Club.

Kindly organised by Mot so for the sake of all his hard work a little RSVP in the comments would really help him out while making plans with the kind ladies and gents over at the Ace.

If your scared of our comments section there is a thread on the triumphrat.net and triumphtorque.com forums so feel free to say your in or out over there either, what ever is easiest lads.

All hail the Mottley – hurah!

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So, that was alright then wasn’t it! A shade under 20 bikes made it for the day. It was brilliant again chewing the fat with other fellas into the same quirky old bikes. We had all angles represented at the event this run out, original restorations, ex racers, bitsa’s inspired by the MK1, custom jobies you name it but the bike of the day has to go too 2strokesmoke who managed to bag himself the cleanest original MK1 we have ever seen. Only 600 genuine miles bought at auction from a collection that was recently split…. I’ve never seen one like it ever!

Not only were the bikes of the highest quality so was the company…. thanks a lot for taking the time and effort to haul your machines over. They aren’t the best machines for long distance runs but damn it some of you really did clock up some miles! Ronnie from Edinburgh was the furthest distance travelled, it’ll be hard pushed to be beaten but I’m sure there is a crazy German lad out there who might pinch the crown to the most dedicated member….. ’till that time your hemorriod cream is on us

Enjoy some snaps from our official club photographer (Not that he knows it!) James McCombe….. 😛

  1. 11 bikes as of 8th of May so come and join the gang it’s once in a blue moon you’ll see this many MK1s together !!!!!

    • Sorry to leave it so late but can now confirm that I’ll be there on the 9th. Me and a mate are heading down from Scotland on Friday the 7th and going to Quill Exhausts near Warrington for him to get custom built cans on his Kwack, then to Stafford to meet up with another old buddy and on to the Ace for the Streetfighter shenanigans fri evening. We’re staying over in London on the Saturday then to the Ace again for our auspicious club launch, looking forward to catching up with y’all again! Wouldn’t mind heading out of London on the morning of the 9th to meet up with any of you who are heading in to the Ace, thought it would be pretty cool for a squadron of Mk 1’s to fly in together! Let me know if anyone’s got a group run in planned and hopefully jack up a meeting point for me and my buddies.
      Cheers, Ronnie.

      • No groups planned that I know of mate. Times and some extra details will be posted up in the news section ASAP.

        Scotland!?!? That’s dedication……. Thanks for effort!

  2. Hello MOT – I am planning to get there so make that 12!


    ps – anyone else going up from the South-West?

  3. I still hope to go, is there anyone else going from north of London ie Yorkshire!
    As my navigation is not brilliant, also as I’ve just trashed my 4 week old crf I’m waiting to find out how much it’s going to cost!!!

  4. I will be going from kent so make that 13 rain or shine

  5. Make that 13.5, as Mr Spragg has finally caught up with the old girl – so if I can get her turned on and down there, she may need a push to get me home! Unless I win the lottery before hand and can get the nice people at my Triumph dealer to fix her (no convenient access cover on this old girl).

  6. Shit! You don’t need that do you old chap. Are you planning to fix or bin her? Bump starting her for the run home is fine mate…. there should be plenty of chaps to help you out.

  7. Hi all,
    Just joined the Club/Web-Site. I bought a tatty tired old 1994 Mk1 (900 in Black) in mid 2012 and after riding her a fair bit last Autumn, I’ve just finished a “nut & bolt” restoration on the bike, and rode her again for the first time over the Whitsun BH weekend. The restoration cost me a fair bit more than expected (but don’t tell the missis !). I also have a mint 1998 Thunderbird Sport (Tornado Red & Black) and a mint 1998 Daytona T595 (also Tornado Red) – which I’ve reluctantly decided to sell – now that the Mk1 Speed Triple is back on the road.
    I live in Essex, and I’m planning on taking the Speed Triple to the Ace Cafe on Sun 9th June, providin ghte weather is OK (can’t bring myself to get it filthy dirty just yet !). Womdered if you might be interested in showing the bike on you Display/Stand etc. at the Ace on Sun 9th June ???
    Look forward to chatting to you all over a cuppa and a bacon butty at the Ace Sun week.

    • TonyS; Bring your bike along man… I know where your coming from on the expense front! It will be a pleasure to see you and your machine their. 15 or so of us planned so far, the more the merrier! I whipped your mobile and e-mail address out of your comment though. There are people out there that like to sell penis enlargement supplements to who ever is on the end of contact details published publicly like that! 😀

  8. Silkie; Thanks for that. I’m a bit new to all this Blogging/Twitter stuff etc. Look forward to seeing you all next Sun. Tony

  9. Can I post my contact details up here please >>>>>> Lol !!!!!!!!

    Welcome in Tony 😉


  10. Great, this is turning into a right old bash! Roll on Sunday and a multitude of Mk1s!

  11. Tied in nicely with a visit to friends in Marlow. Will have to leave about 11.30am but hope to catch a few early birds

  12. See you there Squib 😉 got some club stickers for all that arrive…I know we are cheap !! but hey you could ruin your lid/bike or tool box with one !!!

  13. Nice job! Thanks to Silkie and MOT for all the hard work and to everyone who came and made it such a great day!

    Official photographer, eh? I think this means time for a new hat… La di da 🙂

  14. Great day and a great weekend, got back to Edinburgh about 01.15 so not too bad a run home! Great to see all the Triumphs but especially our dear old Mk 1 Speedy’s. Nice people, nice bikes and a great venue, perfect! Big thanks to Silkie and Mot for all their hard work putting this gig together. Hope to catch up with you all again some point this summer!

  15. Geat day, and a great turn out !
    Good photos, shame we didn’t get a couple of group photos (perhaps standing behind our bikes etc).
    – perhaps next time.
    See you at the Ace again in mid July.

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