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Wanna sell your MK1 Speed Triple or cool rare accessory? Well obviously you are mental and need to visit a quack for a check-up right away.

For those of you that have had your check-up and received a certificate of clear mentality we can help you out a little.

For a nominal fee of £5 we’ll lob your ad up here for a little extra web coverage and exposure to the right kind of buyers. The fees generated here will simply go into the pot to cover of our web hosting costs. We don’t want to be making any profit from this, just help reduce the pain inflicted by that kick in the wallet the webhosts give us every January.

This will be far from an automated classifieds section as we wanna have some level of control over the quality of items being sold. If your interested you’ll need to get in touch via email using the contact us page and we’ll lob you a list of questions, request a few photos and let you know where you can send your fee.

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Very rare bike. We reckon no more than a max of 20 bikes that can be proven to be ex Haslam-Challenge-Series bikes.
Triumph supplied them to dealers with the agreed kit of bits. They then raced them. at the end of series, in theory, they were put back to stock, registered, and sold off. So there could be quite a few out there that were raced, but nobody knows. (Have managed to trace only 9 genuine ones so far).
Of course there are quite a few that have had the right bits added later/recently. Even some very well done 1200 daytonas done as Quattros .

Two links to youtube. One short one of start etc. Did not rev it up too much as engine was cold, but fuelling is clean as have ultrasonic machine now to properly clean the carbs .

This bike was supplied to Ongar Motorcycles for the series, and all the kit is as fitted and raced by Dave Heal. Have Triumph provenance for that.

Bike is now 6 speed after sprag replacement, which i find essential to ride. Is so much better than the crazy triumph idea of blanking off top gear "to give the character". The 750's had 6 speeds, and makes them quite nippy.

Mechanicals must have been attended to since racing, although all the Hinkleys run so much better after some miles or use. Starts and runs clean as a whistle. Howls like a monkey.

Have recently changed Silkolene full synth and replaced ignition sensor with new PVL one, purely due to fact that so many are folding up now. New battery as well.

Tyres are good Michelin Sport, but could fit some stickier ones if keen. Be great to track it, but my competent track days are probably behind me.....too much red wine in last few years since retired!!

Note the seat cowl. Looks a bit different. Had a standard Triumph one to put on.....but is beautifully made in aluminium at race time, so has to stay on bike for sure.

Will check the numbers on ECU to see if has the 750 one fitted, as does rev really well and cleanly. Can ride really smoothly at around 7k all the time, and then find the extra gear there! Unlike most Japanese bikes, that lack the torque effect.

Check the video, check the bits. Research the internet. Bike is spot on.

Should not sell, as is my favourite ride at the moment, but with 15 bikes, and 9 needing work (5 Guzzi roundhead Californias not run for 4 years, 1200 with sprag gone, two Monsters not run for 3 years etc etc) will sell at right price. If doesnt do near the 4k i may as well keep. Will be major investment with the race provenance, plus is just a really fun ride. Is like being on the Isle of Man every time you go out.

More than welcome to come and view before auction ends. Paypal ONLY for a 100 deposit to hold. Balance in cash or bank transfer before goes away.Can get pro delivered in UK for £100, 175 to Ireland, and 150 to Highlands. Charles Mortimer can do Europe delivery door to door. Allow say 300-450 etc. Can come to Leominster station and ride home, is all full road legal etc.

Confirm rev counter works fine, but does have the neutral light thing where it packs up when hot, even though is new switch. Trevor at Sprint reckons is the actual pushplate in box that is now doing this on all the Hinkleys, so live with it. If take the prop stand switch off, which i always do, does not affect starting etc.

Also..........yes..........they are the original Yoshi headers. (Looks like a sebring too me: silkie) Whole kit has been on bike since arrived from Triumph to dealers. ..........
Plus............ no........... if did go down the track at some point, all is straight and true, no damage. Rides hands off and sit up at 80.............

Tyre wise the Battlax has always been good on these. Not found Pilots really suited them, but did have one with Renntecs on, and they were really good..........Michelins on are both fine, can get to the edges, but if keep, would go for some really sticky ones to get max poss lean. Used to ask the guy at Roundandblack to advise............