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Brighton Burnup – 2013

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Event: Brighton Burnup – 2013 Venue: Ace Café then off to Brighton
Date: September 15, 2013 Phone: 020 8961 1000
Organiser: Mot Address: Ace Corner, London, London, NW10 7UD , United Kingdom

Info: This is a big deal. A run for lots of bikes recreating the hey day of the cafe racer thing. It’s got to be worth a bash. Take a nose here to make your own mind up though.


So, A few developments that contradict the info shared before. I know it’s late in the day for this too but blame my Tiger! 🙂 To stop me waffling on enjoy the news in bullet format.

  • We’ve been told if we want the bikes on the stand we have to have the machines on the seafront before 9:00 and then they can’t leave untill after 18:00. I’m sure we can pragmatic about this on the day, especially if no marshalls are looking at the time.
  • Because of the daft litigious world in which we live we are not allowed the planned gazebo over the stand. We couldn’t get any form of insurance cover either directly or through affiliation with larger bike clubs.
  • If your planning on running down from the Ace I’m afraid you will be “in with the pack” as we have no-one to organise things Ace end as Mot and I have to be at the seafront for 9:00 now, obviously anyone is welcome to be that the seafront in the morning.
  • There is a small run meeting at the coast bound petrol station on the A21 before Hurst Green, just before 8am. If you want your bike on the stand and we hope you do, try and make this meet and let us know your aiming for it.


Brighton Burnup: So, Are you in?

  • Oh yeah, I'll be at the Ace for the run down to the sea side. (50%, 5 Votes)
  • Sure will, I'll meet you at Brighton. (40%, 4 Votes)
  • Nope, maybe next time. (10%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 10

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  1. We will have a stand on the sea front at Brighton 😉

  2. I will be attending for the first time. When you say you have a stand, does that include parking for the triples. I attended the ACE on sunday. I take you left the STOC stickers for me. appreciated. I now trying to at the bike with consideration of the best place to put one !.

    • Mot made up the stickers and dished them out… Top lad!

      I personally put my stickers on my tool box. Careful of your old girl if considering the sticker making it’s way onto your bike.

      Catch you on the sea front… We’ll firm up plans for this one nearer the time but I believe that plan is to have all the bikes together again.

  3. Right ho…have splashed out huge sums of cash on a gazebo (ok 15 of the queens finest quid on clearance at B&Q) but together with a rusty van and a cheap banner (as seen at the Ace cafe!) we will have a stand just have to sort a bit of insurance and the fine details of when where and how we all turn up and we have ourselves a date 😉

    Chips, seagull shit and beer

    See you there

    • Sounds good. Looking forward to meeting everyone as haven’t been sble to get to the Ace!

  4. I attended the Ace on my cafe racer Thruxton. The mk1 that I saw there made such an impression I went on the lookout for one. Now the proud owner of a very standard (not for long) 1996 Diablo Black model. Hope to join you on this Brighton run. Great site, extremely helpful info ..Thanks

  5. I’ll be there. Not sure whether to go to the Ace first or see you all in Brighton. What time you reckon on getting down to Brighton ? Any idea where the gazebo will be ?

  6. Hi All, i went down the Ace Cafe for Triumph day on my Triumph America and i seen all the Mk1 Speed Triples being displayed and they looked a real treat.. So much so that ive just bought a V reg 885 black Daytona conversion that someone has gone to a lot of trouble with because it looks just like the real thing, maybe one day ill have the real thing.

    • “real thing” meh….. as long as it looks right and you know what you bought who cares right. It’s still gonna be a stonker of a bike! We must have pictures…… get in touch through the contacts form.

  7. will be going not sure on what yet , or if I will ride from Ace or go straight to Brighton , let us know about stand

  8. Sounds good. Will meet at the Ace? Please post further details.

  9. Hiya folks. Hopin to visit you guys but planning to tide direct to Brighton.. Anyone done a track day on their MK1? Will they survive 2 hours of caning ?? Cheers. Judd.. Lookin to do Brands Indy on it ..

  10. We are at stand C8 on the sea front opposite Red Torpedo and adjacent to the main stage, room for 10 bikes if you want a spot ideally you’d be there before 9am if not we may have to blag it to get you on ! 😉

    No Gazebo as PL insurance wouldn’t have it !!! just don’t ask sheesh death by Gazebo we read about it all the time huh….but on the plus side I get a nice ride out

    See you there…if you want to know anything else just holla

    PS…Judd I’ve done the Indy of the old bus just do the usual fresh oil, good tires etc and remember there will be noise testing triples reved to 5K for the test 😉 tends to be hard on the R/H side of your tires as there is only one L/Hander to speak of !! it’s good fun 😉


    • Hi there, anyone else going down on a 750, just working through mine and hoping to make it. Cheers all, Rich

  11. Did Brands evening session on mine yesterday. I rode up early because my mate was bringing some track suitable rubber for me to change into, but conveniently forgot them! Was nice and warm so managed quite ok on Bridgestone Battlax of unknown vintage! Was more than happy with the handling. A few clicks here and there on the front really made a difference. After the first session I dropped in a set of Bendix MRR pads. They bed in almost immediatley and they bite earlier and harder than the EBC’s ever did. My bike is bog stock so no noise issues. For some reason my tester required me to rev to 6k, ?! Great idea just to get the bike set up but I wouldn’t do Snett or Silverstone as It really isn’t quick enough. Just hilarious in top gear both needles flapping all over the place plus or minus 10 mph !

  12. Thanks for sharing those track day experiences. My brakes seem poor by modern standards so might try the change of pads suggested. Mebe cos I ride a modern fast bike for my day job and have been comparing them? Front forks dive like Klinnsman too.. 🙂 Hopefully the wealth of knowledge at Brighton burn up will indicate if its normal or needs some work.. Keep blasting on those trumpets..

  13. If you have a look at the Speed Triple Challenge pages on here you’ll see they changed the pads for better performance…I found mine need a regular (ie 6 monthly) bleed to keep lever travel to a min I think it must have been the calipers because I’ve the same master cylinder with the Alcons and don’t get that problem !



  15. Sadly can’t make this run now but hope you all have a great day out and bring plenty of pics back!

  16. Good run down with Silkie to be met by a couple of MK1s already there !!! cheers Rich and Judd good to meet you hope you got back ok Rich Stonehenge to Brighton was keen of you 😉 first spots of rain had us running for home at about 1 ish and tbh that timed it about right could maybe have eeeked another hour or so but it was always going to be rain stops play sort of a day !! hope to catch up with any missing faces soon..all the best Mot

  17. Twas great to meet up Rich, Silkie and Mot.. My beast seems to be running sweeter with the higher octane fuel and a Redex “Chaser”.. Me and Rich liked the 6 pots and gonna be scanning for some soon!! Thanks for organising it S n M .. Hope Silkies Sprag behaved and catch you guys about at another venue.. Horam café is very local for a few of us.. Or Boxhill?? Hope those 60mph winds were behind Rich’s “Trip” for the return..
    Please remind us of the Ebay Triumph Guru/Breaker



    • Boxhill is always a goer for an impromptu Saturday or Sunday morning. Redex is handy if you’ve forgotten a dose of fuel stabiliser and left her for a while. Glad it’s running smoother man….. as for the sprag…. fucking bike! 😛

      As for the breakers, between National Triumph (ebay) and Sprint Manufacturing you’ll get most parts.

  18. National Triumph http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/national-triumph/ and Sprint Manufacturing http://www.triumphparts.gbr.cc/ 😉 both should be your first port of call before getting anything from Triumph direct

    See ya soon

  19. Unfortunately no tail winds, so head down and hang on all the way! great to meet up with Judd, Silkie and Mot, always good to have a ride with a purpose, anywhere around a couple of hours run and I’ll try and make it!
    Cheers all

    • lol – I was wondering how you got on getting home through that rain! Luckily Mot and I made it back with minimal water….. It’s always good to meeting new faces and scoff bad coffee and bacon. Till the next time. \m/,

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