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Bike Map

I finally pulled my thumb out of my bum and I’ve put together the long overdue Bike Map.

So, how have I created this technological marvel? Well I pinched all the data from our registered users profile pages and lobbed it at Google Maps, voila!

If you’re missing and want to be on the map, update your profile and you’ll be included in the next update. However, if your on the map and don’t want to be ping me a message.

  1. you can pop my two Mk1s on the map if you like, both yellow Nr sunny Lewes, E Sussex

  2. Hi Robin

    I’m a regular visitor to E.Sussex and have a ’93 Trident tucked away up there waiting for me to restore.3 of us met up in Hastings earlier in the year for a mini ride out. If you wanna meet-up for a social or ride-out, let us know mate.


  3. Tigerlaorange. I am in Kenilworth with 94 mk1. New owner. Fancy meet to swap stories brynmorris@live.com

  4. Hi Bryn, there a few of us that meet up from time to time. Check out the facebook page to find out who’s out and about.


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