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The following information as been taken from various forums, collated by various members and shared here for the greater good. Do not take this information as testament, purchases based on this information are made at your own risk however we have made every attempt to validate the suggestions below.

This is as good as this info gets and we do our best to ensure it’s kept up to date.




BATTERYYuasa lead acid
Motobatt sealed
Yuasa sealed
COOLING FANSpal AutomotiveVA14-AP7/C-34A
FAN ONLY – Fit into original housing
HORNSNikkoMF-12 x2
Larger than stock but better quality
INDICATORSFactory indicators are no longer available.
Many after market options available.
Lots of chaps use Buell as a close match.
Buell Code Left Rear & Right Front - Y0526.K
Buell Right Rear & Left Front - Y0527.K
NEUTRAL SWITCHSame as Yamaha XJR1300
BRAKE LIGHT SWITCH: FRONTSame as Kawasaki Z750, Honda CBR600/900 & VFR750




FUEL TANKT3 Sprint, Daytona, Trident, Speed Triple & Trophy tanks are the same
FUEL SENDERSame as Yamaha code 1UF-85752-03-00
NOTE: This is only for bikes with a fuel light. The sensor needs to be removed and then resoldered onto the Triumph part.
FUEL CAPSame fitting as the Kawasaki 5 bolt fitment also the same as Ducati 916.
FUEL TAP (PETCOCK)Rebuild Kit – Sprint Manufacturing
Alternative: Pingle code 4000 4211-AH plus adapter plate AF102C-0
NOTE: This is a gravity fed tap and will also not utilize the black plastic selector knob.
CARBSMikuniRebuild kits Same as Suzuki GSXF600, GSX1100G. Also they are available from Sprint Manufacturing.
KeihinFitted to later Sprint and classic range bikes like the Legend, Thunderbird etc. These will fit all other models without new cables but may require new carb rubbers (same as Bonnie) and a rejet as required.




Same as Kawsaki ZX11/12, ZX9R 94-97, ZX7/R 89-06.
6 Piston Tokico
6 Piston Alcon
From Haybusa, GSXR1000K1, GSX1400, ZX9R, ZX7R.
From Daytona 1200SE, Daytona Super III.
Triumph have some gold ones on the shelf if your pockets are DEEP.
NOTE: The caliper mounting holes on the original forks have a 90mm spacing.
SEALS6 Piston Tokico
6 Piston Alcon
4 Piston Fronts
2 Piston Rear

Suzuki Part Number

Sprint Manufacturing
Sprint Manufacturing

Sprint Manufacturing
ABE All Bike Engineering

Sprint Manufacturing
ABE All Bike Engineering
PADS6 Piston Tokico
6 Piston Alcon
4 Piston Fronts
2 Piston Rear
EBC FA215/2
Also fits Yamaha FZR 1000 XUP, YZF750.


Controls & Misc.


THROTTLE CABLESame as Kawasaki GPZ500.
SIDESTANDUpgrade from later Trophy, 2000 on.
SEATSAll T3 seats are on the same base so will fit but there is a different profile foam on Trophy seats.
Only Daytona and Speed Triple seats have the mounting lugs for the seat hump although no reason this can’t be retro fitted.
MIRRORSSquare black replacements from Sprint Manufacturing.
CLIPONSSame as CBR600F4/F4i, Yamaha R6, TT600.
Also billet 43mm items available via ebay.
FOOTPEGSSame as Yamaha FZ600.
NOTE: May need drilling but will fit.
FORK SPRINGSLinear rate fork springs to fit 43mm forks as per CBR600.
Progressive rate fork springs 10/20% stiffer from Sprint Manufacturing.
90o TYRE VALVESBridgeport or Ariete @ 8.3mm Diameter.


  1. Ayup could we add steering head bearings too…sizes are 32005JRS top and 32006JRRS bottom 😉

  2. Hi, does anybody know where i can get 3 pod type filters for my mk1 speed triple please.. cheers..

  3. Trevor at Sprint should be able to sort you out 😉



  4. Hi, as you may be aware a common fault in the rev counter stops working. I have found a company in Holland who will repair them for about £80 with a warranty of 12 months. Although they cut open the unit, I had my bezel removed here, sent in to them for repair and then had the bezel and glass replaced on its return to the UK. Took about a week at a cost of around £85 compared to £240 for a new one (Which will just pack up again!). They modify the electronics to make them more reliable. The company is http://www.carmo.nl (Carmo Electronics). They also cut open and repair ignition units.

    Interestingly, no-one seems to have spotted why the rev counters fail in the first place. If you look down the holes that take the dial illumination lamps, one looks like it is next to an IC on the PCB. The standard bulbs get VERY hot and I think they fry this IC. I’ve done an LED conversion, you can get diect replacement lamps for £1.99 a pair on ebay!

  5. Hi Clive

    The the chrome on the bezel of my rev counter is ‘bubbling’ – not sure if its plastic or metal! Anyway – Id appeciate it if you could tell me who replaced the one on yours

    cheers Brian

  6. Hi Brian,

    The bezel is metal, so could be removed a re-chromed. Note my comment on the lamps frying the pcb, worth replacing with LED’s (direct replacement on ebay £1.99 a pair). There are several companies on the internet that would be able to remove the bezel, worth Googling to see if there is one near you, anyone who repaired speedos and rev counters should be able to do it, but make sure they have the correct equipment and don’t just use a screw driver! Mr guy was in Penge London, he was OK, but you may be able to do better, as he marked the bezel putting it back on and didn’t clean the glass properly before replacing. His name is Peter Bond 0208 289 9031.

    Just about to upgrade the side stand mounting using one from a 96 Trophy.

    Let me know how you get on.

    Best regards,

  7. Thanks for the info Clive – I’ll get googling!


  8. Hiya, i did a bit of research and found that brake seal kits for certain Suzuki’s will fit the 4 piston fronts and 2 piston rear Nissin’s. The Suzuki GSF1200 Bandit had the same front 4 piston brake calipers and the Suzuki DRZ400SM had the same 2 piston front caliper as the rear brake on T300’s. I also found a replacement KYB oil seal to fit the rear shock and with a bit of effort, managed to rebuild it. Also, Kawasaki KDX200/250’s had the same steering head bearings so you can find quality aftermarket versions for a whole lot less than KOYO bearings. I’ll post pics of my bike when i have finished rebuilding it!
    Cheers, Pete.

  9. Hello everyone,
    My first comment on this site (which I have read at length already). I would like to know if you are facing the same problem and how did you work your way around. My bike, when on the side stand, is leaning a lot (more that other bike which is obvious when parked with other bike). I thought that the side stand started bending and therefore I change it for the upgraded version recommended here (good tuto on MOT’s website: http://www.mottleybiker.com/page30.htm). So job done, take the bike done, the side stand is chunkier and feel more robust, and when I lean it I get approximately the same angle (actually even a little bit leaner, it looks a tiny bit shorter). You all know that the bike is heavy, I am using it a lot and I would love to be able to save a little bit of my back, any suggestion? (Extender, new stand…).
    Thanks a lot and thank you for this website,

  10. Sound like you may have the wring stand. I fitted a stand from a later Trophy and it is great, slightly longer and much stronger, resulting in a less severe lean angle. Note that you have to fit the complete assembly from the Trophy as the actual stand part is slightly different in that the raised section in the casting that operates the kill switch is on the other side.

    The alternative stand fits with no modification what so ever. Only tricky part is getting the nut on the engine mounting bolt. Solution is to wedge it in the end of a ring spanner with a piece of paper.

  11. Hi…
    Anyone else had experience of fitting a kawasaki alternator as a replacement for the triumph one.. ?
    I did it on my old tiger. Only needed to change the drive with the triumph one. I originally found the suggestion online but can not longer find the link…
    Both are nippon denso and even the wiring plug is the same

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