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What are we upto then?

This website is a simple fan page for a bike that we believe is underrated but truly iconic in the history of one of England's greatest motorcycle marques.

The MK1 Speed Triple is this bike that made the relaunched Triumph brand, based in Hinckley Leicester, desirable and edgy once more. Triumph's successful relaunch was built on a foundation of solid build quality, innovative engineering and a ground breaking modular manufacturing processes. However they truly made it when they found their cool again. The MK1 Speed Triple was the first Hinckley bike cool enough to roll up at the Ace and had enough soul to be at home, as nice as a Trophy is it just couldn't cut doing that.

The MK1 Speed Triple is the first Hinckley model that captured soul, character and edge. The MK 1 started the Speed Triple cult and here is a place to worship it.

Our vision through this website is to create a portal to all things MK1 Speed Triple that lurk elsewhere on the interwebz. We have consciously chosen not to tread on the toes of other well established sources of information and support communities. This doesn't mean we haven't got our own ideas though!

We are starting out by planning ride outs and meets for owners. MK1 Speed Triples are a dwindling sight on the roads, seeing another throughout a biking season is a very rare thing indeed. Getting together with dozens of others is a sight and sound to behold. That coupled with meeting like minded bikers and being able to talk over mods relevant to your own bike, near offs and where the best place is to get some polishing done, just adds to the fun. It's easy to find another Busa basher or R1 nut, not so much with the MK1. See our events page for the next planned meet. We've had a couple of events in 2012, a factory tour and a stall at Triumph Live 2012.

We plan to keep the scene going throughout the next season and beyond. Rumor has it that only 1421 MK1 Speed Triples were produced world wide, so the MK1 community will always be small. Despite this, the site is here to build a community and be the best place on the web to start your MK1 research.

Enjoy the site, feel free to get involved and hopefully we'll see some more people in the forums and at the meets. Either way, have a poke about here and we hope you'll enjoy what you've found. We are always open to new ideas for the site so drop us a line using the contact page and we'll get back to you.

Have Fun & Stay Happy,
Club Web Dever (Diva): Jon (silkie) Wilkie